Monday, May 12, 2014

Have you seen these girls??

We do not remember days; we remember moments. 
~Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand

   Last week I received a text message titled Throw back Thursday and I was pleasantly surprised. The message contained some pictures from our 1998 spring break to Florida. I started laughing immediately and like in a movie, music began to play in my head. I was transported back to when four 21 year old girls hit the beach in Clearwater, Florida. 

  Looking back I found I barely remembered the girls in these photos. They laughed at everything, they loved to dance and drink and be silly. They ate at the Waffle house so many times that they had digestion issues the whole week. This just led to more laughter. Some of them met boys and promptly made out with them, they went on a booze cruise and had the time of their lives. These girls were brazen and bold and beautiful. We were 21 and the only thing we had to worry about is finding plastic beer bottles so we could drink on the beach! 

Have you seen these girls?

   I knew these girls. They danced in the sand, arms around each other yelling out the words to "Who let the dogs out and a one hit wonder band called Bewitched. These girls had no worries past where to go to the next party.

  These girls skinny dipped in the ocean together, laughing and hoping no one could see us. Thankfully we didn't grow up in this over videoed, no privacy era or it is likely we would have ended up on YouTube and disgraced our mothers!


  Our trip that spring break was the last trip the four us would take together but the memory of the trip for me is poignant and wonderful. The smell of our skin baking us in the sun (no sunscreen, thank you), the feel of the sand and the water. The sound of the music and the laughter and of course the friendship that bound us together.

Have you seen these girls? 

I haven't seen these girls in long time. Though three of the girls have remained good friends and one is out there with her life and her family. I know that if the four of us were re-united again the laughter could never be contained. Sometimes friends are like a shooting Starr they burn bright and fast but they are beautiful to watch while they streak across the sky. I would love to see my friend again, she was an important part of life.

I have seen these girls...

  I have seen these girls grow into women and then into Mother's. Sometimes I would go back to these more simple times. Just to see these girls as they were and laugh at all the things they enjoyed. Carefree, funny and full of life but I would only go for a minute because the girls we were made us into the women we are now. We are a little less carefree and between the three of us we have gone through so much with our children and our families..If we dance now it would be to the music from Frozen and we would be dancing with our daughters. When we see each other these days it is at birthdays, christenings and other celebrations across the playground having interrupted conversations and chasing around our children. We would have it no other way, because now we are wives and mothers and I have seen these girls become so much more than the girls who sang at the top of their lungs and can dance to anything Michael Jackson, Prince or Madonna.

I have seen these girls as Mother's and they are amazing. 

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  1. I love this it takes me back to my group of girls and the crazy adventures we had. Now as we parent we are the same but different. I still see may adventures ahead! I am so glad we didn't have instagram on Spring Break 1992!!

  2. Very interesting post. Awesome pics.