Thursday, July 3, 2014

An Apology to Stay at home mom's


  If you haven't read my series on Stay at Home Moms then please do. I had four wonderful guest hosts and they each wrote a different view on staying at home. Here are the stories, just in case you missed them.

When I stumbled across an article today from a dad and it was titled- "My apology to Stay at Home Moms" I knew I had to click and see what this was about. I loved it and I thought it was in perfect timing with our 4 week view on Stay at Home Moms.

"My Apology to Stay at Home Moms"

Here is the thing about staying at home. I am not able to do this and frankly on the weekends by the time the kids go to bed I am EXHAUSTED. My husband and I go to bed some where in the eight o'clock hour because we are exhausted.

I tip my hats to the stay at home moms and I think I might find some working moms to shed another light. It sparked my interest when the topic of "having it all" came up on the Today show.

Can you have it all?

I shall look for some new hostesses for this topic, If you are interested please message me I would love to post your thoughts!

Happy Fourth of July

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