Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Carnival birthday party - Part 2

   It has taken me a drastically long time to finish my birthday post because during the actual birthday we finally got an offer on our house. Needless to say the new owners asked for a 29 day escrow so once the party was over we were on the move..LITERALLY.

I am blogging about building which we have decided to do after a disastrous search for a house so follow along and share any advice you may have.  In case you missed my first post on the party please check out my adorable favors

Back to the Birthday party -

One of my favorite parts was something I decided to do for my girls-  I got some clothes wire (the wire  you would dry clothes on) and some baby clothes pins and tied it to some branches. I did a picture for each month for my daughter that turned 1 year old. I did my last ultrasound to  her very first birthday. And then one for my 3 year old for each month since she turned 2 year's old. 

I loved this part of the party and our family and friend's really enjoyed seeing the progression of the girls. I cried putting it up and I am choked up just writing about it. 

This banner is pretty simple, and an inexpensive semi-craft that you can do to add some personal touches. I printed out all of my pictures for this craft project on Shutterfly at a nearby Walgreens.

Since this was an actual Carnival Birthday Party we of course had Carnival games -

Ring Toss, Can toss and ball and basket toss. -

                                                                  Ring Toss

Items needed: 1 basket, 12 soda bottles, 3 rings

 I went to 5 Below and purchased standard diving rings, 1 wire basket from the Hobby Lobby and I purchased 12 vintage bottles of soda. Orange soda and Strawberry Soda.

Each person was able to toss 3 rings and if you got a ring around a bottle you won a prize!



                                                                  Can Toss
Items needed: 6 cans (or more if you would like) - 6 pieces of scrapbook paper -3 balls and some glue.
Step 1 - Save up some cans from your can food. Peel label and wash and dry the can. Once can is dry cut your scrapbook paper to fit and glue paper to can. I used standard Elmer's glue and it was perfect.

Each person was able to toss all 3 balls, if they knocked even 1 can down they received a prize!

My theme was pink/yellow vintage Carnival so I went with those colors in different hues. The balls were once again purchased from 5 below and I liked that even small hands could hold and toss the balls.

I loved the covered cans so much that I made extras and used them as silverware holders for the cake and food table. I will probably being doing more with cans and scrap book paper - Stay tuned for a possible craft post on this.


                                                    Basket Toss- 

Items needed - 5 baskets (I used apple baskets from Hobby Lobby), 3 Wiffle balls (5 below), labels for numbering the baskets 1-5.

You received 3 balls and whatever basket you landed in you received a prize - I had 5 prize bags numbered 1 - 5.


There is more to the party and since this is getting kind of lengthy I will be back for part 3!

It really was my favorite party and we had such a wonderful time, I know my girls won't remember but I will!


  1. So cute! Love it. Will pin for later. Thanks!

  2. Really fun party! That's the stuff memories are made of.
    Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick®

  3. Will this be your last post about the carnival party? I would love to see everything you had in store. You mentioned that your theme was a vintage pink-and-yellow carnival – that sounds unique, and so I’d love to check out everything. Anyway, thanks for sharing us your experience. Have a good day!

    Karl Robertson @ QLD Amusements

  4. Wow...What a party!! Every single detail shared here in this article was just amazing!! Well, I am going to organize my office party in one of the best Boston venues and I will try to use this theme if I can. Anyways, Great post!!