Friday, August 29, 2014

ODE to NVR Mortgage

      I think any person who is in the middle of the build process or thinking about starting the process and has done some research about NVR has been privy to the not so nice reviews regarding their services. 

   I read the reviews and was a bit frightened to deal with them. I try to forge my own opinion so I was cautiously optimistic. Well, thank goodness for cautious optimism because it served me well in this situation. I have enjoyed my experience with NVR and have found my LO (loan officer) and anyone else I have worked with to be delightful. 

Katie is my loan officer and she is attentive and never rushes an explanation. If I am still unclear, she finds a way to explain it differently. I have one LO and  one underwriter and frankly I think they are both lovely and very professional. 

I shouldn't be surprised because my experience so far with Ryan Homes has been so fantastic and NVR is part of the Ryan Homes company. 

We are currently about 60 days out (according to my PM) so we are talking about the ever changing rate and if we should lock now or wait? Katie has been amazing with explaining and telling me how things work. 

Today the rate is 4.0% with a discount of .75% (lowers our closing costs) and these rates are really good but we are going to wait. If they drop even lower it would lower our monthly cost and make us much more comfortable.  Katie is on board and will keep me me there is nothing more important than great customer service and so far NVR is rocking it!

Nothing has really changed with the house but the metal cage has been removed. I am getting more and more excited and when I saw our PM on the street he mentioned our lumber is coming and that we will begin framing. Watching our home take shape has been really nice and gets me excited with each step. 

Here is a picture of the house yesterday - no cage and really no changes - 

Back of the property (standing in my back yard)

Standing closer (looks really small like this)

Standing at the far edge of the lot 

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