Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Road Map to our Florence

   So one of the most important meetings you will have prior to your hole being dug is the Road Map. The second most important person you will meet (next to your Sales Rep) is your project manager.

I was nervous to meet our Project Manager because I had some giant concerns over our lot.

Flashback to the week before our Road MAP - 

Here is the lesson that I have learned, walking the lot and interpreting the writing on the sticks in the ground will NOT give you an accurate picture of what your yard will look like. I did this and made myself completely panic thinking my babies would not have the yard we have desperately dreamed of and that we were the people who fell for the fancy house on the tiny lot.

I ran home - emailed my SR (Sales Rep) Michelle and she called me and soothed my fears. She talked with me about grading and final grading and how hard it is too see what I am actually looking at. Well Michelle was 100% correct and she told us to not panic until we meet with our project manager.

I might add that before Michelle called she put on some boots and went out and walked the lot. She did this so she knew exactly what I was picturing and could assure me about what would be happening - this is only one of  the things that make our customer service experience way above anything else we have experienced.

Flash forward to the actual Road Map - 

We started off at the model to discuss a step by step process on what is going to happen when the actual digging starts. We were already moved up on the schedule about a week and a half so I was delighted to hear that our home will start around 08/27/14.

We chatted about where your utilities and water will enter and exit the house, materials (already ordered) and all things that come together to make your home.

Mike was very honest with how he follows up with his home owner's and how he prefers to be contacted and I really have to say that I appreciated that very much. I hate not knowing when to expect a call or in what form your contact will be returned.

Once we went over the plans step by step it was time to actually walk our lot and have Mike explain the wooden stakes (See above about not looking at stakes by yourself).

I was nervous and almost sick to my stomach about what we were going to see. When you have someone who actually knows what the sticks mean and wields a handy can of spray paint, things make a TON more sense than what I originally thought.

Once Mike explained in great detail what things would look like and where our driveway would start and end and where the house would start and end both my husband and I were once again excited.

Mike didn't hurry or talk in a way we wouldn't understand, he took his time, he answered all of our questions and because he knew how concerned I was he invited me out this week to see an actual grade of our lot so I would feel better.

Um..I honestly am once again overjoyed and impressed with the care and service that this experience has provided so far.

As I write this, Mike has called and asked that we pop out to see the lot. I will sign off and excitedly drive over because our PM took time out of his very busy day to do something so that my husband and I were understanding and comfortable with our relationship with Ryan.

I can't wait, I am on my way! I will actually have pictures this time. Its hard not to have pictures for my posts but there is really nothing to take pictures of week there will be some!

Thanks for following and I am open for any advice or comments from anyone who has built or is building a home!


  1. Hi, just found you from French Country Cottage. How exciting - you are building a new home!!!!! This is going to be a wonderful journey that I am going to enjoy following! Congratulations!

  2. I'm so glad we'll be able to go through this together, even if we are 11 hours apart! ��

  3. Hi! Congrats on your new RH home! My hubby and I just closed on our Florence about 4 months ago, feel free to check out my blog at Read the other blogs out there, you can find a ton on my page, and listen to all the advice! You will read horror stories and great stories, from my experience, each build is just different. I love love love our Florence floor plan and the overall build quality of the house. We never went to the actual flooring site and just took all the standard stuff, but now I am jealous, I would have maybe liked a level 2 flooring! Our plans are to rip it up in a few years, but maybe I could have avoided that, loved your pick! Stay on top of your PM and go see the house all the time!

  4. Congrats on the start of your new build. Be very careful when they tell you HOW they are going to grade your home!! One day a bunch of nobodies are going to come in, push some dirt around, and thats it!!!! Believe me when I tell you once they backfill after your concrete basement walls go up, that is HOW the grade will stay!!!!! I promise you that!!! So if you dont like your grade after they backfill, speak up and speak up often. They will tell you its not the final grade and really its not, some bozo will come in later with some crappy ass dirt push that around on top of all the rock and crap left over in your YARD and that my friend will be your final grade!!!!!
    PLEASE if there is one complaint on this blog...........just check it the YARD!!!
    If you are aware of this from that beginning "backfill" that they say is NOT your grade, its BS, we have lived here nearly 2 years, seen about 20 houses go up, and I can assure you that everyone complains about their yard and drainage, so BE a BITCH from the jump about how they backfill because I am telling you I WILL be your GRADE!!
    Sorry if I sound super bitchy on this subject, but the try to railroad you and tell you its not the final grade and its complete bullshit!!!!! Make them fix it early on!!!!!

    OK< but advice for you at this point.

    Anything else, make sure your hose bibs, AC and window wells are where you want them!!! that AC and window well can screw up a patio of deck design in NO TIME!!! And stupid hose bibs.

    I will follow your blog and if my advice is unwanted just tell me to SHUT UP. LOL

    On a positive note, its an awesome journey if you are firm and stay in constant contact and at your sight like everyday.

  5. Congratulations. I'm excited to follow your blog, we have our pre-construction meeting which i think is equivalant to your road map next Monday. We are breaking ground in 2 weeks. I too and nervous about out back yard, we went with a yard that has a steep hill in the back because it was cheaper, but we have almost a half acre so i am hoping that the size will make up for the hill... Good luck