Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We have a wall or basement?


     Well, I do love to drive by the site and yesterday when I went I saw something that resembled a basement but had a metal cage around it. I am not a construction person at all so I am not sure what this really is but whatever..We have a wall (sort of).

The neighbors down the street received their lumber and I feel overly excited for them, since they have basement walls that don't have the cage around it they must be a step ahead of us. 

I am looking for lumber this week. I feel like I will drive by next week and possibly see a framed house? I would try to pretend like I could go a week without driving by but that is not a possibility. I love driving by and also, I like to make sure things are being done the correct way. Can't help myself about driving by.

I have to say again how much I love our sales rep and another sales rep that isn't ours but she works in the office and we love her as well. NO, I do not work with Ryan Homes or have any weird arrangement with them. I just have had such an amazing experience and when you are building a home this is how it should feel. 

Here is a quick progression of photos of the house. 

Thursday - August 21st.

Friday - August 22nd (weird shaped hole)

Tuesday - August 26th (Basement with a cage around it and weird lump is still in the middle) Wondering what the weird square shaped lump of dirt is?

Well, I will drive by today and see if that lumber has been delivered - things have started to move and I am getting excited. 

Will we be celebrating Thanksgiving 2014 in our new home? Our projected move in date was November 30th but we were moved up 2 weeks on the dig schedule so I am keeping our fingers crossed that we are also moving in two weeks earlier than November 30th. Also, our PM Mike sort of mentioned something about the beginning of November but I will not get my hopes up! 

                                        (Secretly, my hopes are already up)


  1. So excited for you. We are suppose to break ground Sept 8th, so i am excited to follow your blog so i can see what to expect for us

  2. Looks good. The cage that you're seeing is the forms for the foundation walls. They pour the concrete in, let it dry, and take the forms off. Then you have basement walls. The weird lump is where your garage floor will be, that area gets filled in with dirt anyway so there's no need to dig it out in the first place. Hope that helps.