Sunday, September 7, 2014

First floor and the foil wrap!

    HOLY MOLY...we have a first floor. I couldn't believe it on Friday when I drove to the lot and there was a first floor. We even have windows and a foil wrap. I could look in and see the downstairs to the basement and thru the front door. I could see the morning room and the family room.

When I first walked thru the garage and peeked into the house my first thought was. UM...this is tiny. How we will fit a refrigerator into this tiny space. Why is this house so small? Did they build it to scale or make a mistake? 

Being that I have never built anything or been in the process of building I left the concern to my husband who came home and said.."Yep, that is tiny" are we sure they are building the exact same size as the model? 

I will assuredly end up asking this question to our project manager when we get our weekly update. I was in the model after I saw this and wasn't reassured as the framing looks tiny. The stairwell downstairs looks so narrow that I am worried that you will have to tuck your elbows in on the way down and that no furniture will fit down the stairs. The front door clearance to the basement seemed so close and snug I worry people may just fall straight down the narrow case. 

Did anyone else feel this way?

Here are some pictures, I was rocking my cell phone and my NIKON so there are a few photos.

View from the rocky driveway (driveway is longer than I originally thought)

From the door that will be in the garage...

Looking into the basement (narrow stairs)

Family room -

This could be the kitchen (i think)..we have a reverse floor plan and it really throws me off...See what I mean? How will a fridge fit in there?

Living room 

Back left view

Standing in the back yard looking at the back of the house

This is the back left of the house, do you see how high our exit from the morning room is? And please notice the tiny basement window. This made my husband and I laugh because when the person who was explaining the window and the garden view to us..I don't know if we fully understood. When she offered us a bigger window in the basement we were like " who wants a bigger window to look level at your yard".. Now we see the window and what a garden view really looks like and I don't mind but feel this could have used better explanation. That tiny window is hilarious.

The space between the house and the morning room is where we hope to build a stone patio..all though we will definitely need to put some stairs coming down.

That was Friday and I CAN"T WAIT to see what the house looks like tomorrow. Here is a worry I didn't rained over the weekend and our lumber is laying out in the rain. Is this okay? Another question for Mike!

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  1. Things look good! If it makes you feel any better, I felt like our house was sooo small when they started framing! I couldn't imagine where I would fit all of my stuff! Now that the second floor is done it doesn't feel tiny anymore! You can definitely ask them about it, but I think it just looks small in this stage. I saw a few other people voice this concern as well!

    As for the rain, your lumber will be fine! I know a lot of people who had rain during their framing process. I believe the lumber they used is weather treated so it holds up to pretty much all weather. A little rain won't hurt it!