Monday, September 15, 2014

We have a roof and some inside wiring...on our way to the pre-drywall meeting?

  We had the strangest weather last Thursday and with random tornado warnings I wasn't able to get to the house. Everything with the weather calmed down and so Friday I was able to skip over and see what was happening with our Florence. 

 We have a roof, that is really all I could see. I have included pictures of the roof from a couple of different angles but that is pretty much all I have. I didn't get to go in because it was very muddy and they were still working. 

As luck would have it I did get to run into our PM who was chatting with a neighbor. Mike is a great PM and always has an answer to the questions. Here is what I asked:

1. Was there any damage from the storm? Nope

2. The wood for the house was sitting out in the rain, would this be okay or would we eventually have a mold issue? Nope (joked that the wood was once a tree..LOL)

3. Stated I had seen the same wet area in the family room 2x in my previous visits and wondered what that was? He gave me the run down and a great explanation of how everything works before the roof goes on and makes the house waterproof...

All in all it was a good chat and my short list was answered. I am still worried about the grade of our yard and I know that is silly being that it is not even close to being done but I am worried none the less. 

We have a slope to our yard and now with everything re-arranged I want another lengthy chat about the grade of the yard. This is my biggest concern and literally keeps me up at night. We have small children who love to be outside and we our outside. We moved out of our cramped condo for more space everywhere but mostly so our kids could play outdoors and so we could have a patio.  Finally somewhere to have friends over and watch the kids play..

See the below picture, I keep wondering how much dirt will go up against the house by the tiny window? Do they dirt up to the silver??? Or does that much of my house show? If so, how will we use the door out of the morning room? 

Another view of the little window- 

This is my concern with the dirt? Look how high the door is? We would have to do some pretty serious stairs...( I know this is an old picture)

All questions for Mike at the pre-drywall. I wouldn't be me If I didn't worry about everything well in advance of the end. There is plenty of dirt lying around our little     cul-de-sac..fill 'er up and make that yard more level...

Mike told me that our pre-drywall will be in a couple of weeks and that I will most likely not see many changes on the outside for a bit. I will still visit and try to picture it when it is all done.

Here are some pictures with the roof on. Not my most exciting pictures but still...


Thoughts on the yard and where the dirt might fill to? Or is this what the garden view looks like? 

Questions, questions, questions...


  1. I guess you could have a deck outside of the morning room that maybe drops a few steps to a patio? That's what we were thinking of doing with our morning room door. We are in the same boat as you with a random door a few steps up off the morning room.

    The yard grade is a concern of mine as well. I still can't 'see' what it will look like in the end. Our PM keeps saying they have a lot of dirt to bring in, but I just don't see why it isn't good as is...

  2. I hate to be Debbie Downer(our experience so far hasn't been the greatest) but everyone I have talked to in our community the grading is always an issue. Stay on them with this!

    With that said I would think that they are going to move dirt to that window. Usually they cover the foundation. Take a look at the other houses in your subdivision. As always, if you see something you don't like make sure il speak up!

  3. I agree with Bridget. Definitely keep an eye out for things. It sounds like you have an awesome PM and crew but never hurts to be watchful! Also, in regards to the dirt, we were told wherever we could see the waterproofing line (black tar looking stuff on the house) that's where the dirt will end. They are also started to do the grading on our yard and you should see the amount of dirt they brought in! HUGE piles all over the backyard.