Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Closing date and lots of changes..UPDATE

            I haven't been able to get anything posted for a week or so and I have actually had a few changes to the house and today I got the news that our closing date is November 14th! We will skate in right before Thanksgiving and I couldn't be more Thankful. I hope that writing this post doesn't jinx the move in date..30 DAYS AND COUNTING! Almost time to finally purchase the appliances..

Last I posted we had our drywall meeting and a delay. Well the next day we ended up with drywall even though there was a delay because randomly someone was available. We were very lucky and I am grateful. Then the brick was laid on the front of the house. It looks totally different than what I thought it would look but it was pretty so I was happy. Then the siding was put up and we honestly thought our siding would be more of a gray and it is straight up Tan or Pebble Clay. We are going to check the sample in the model because it is just not what we pictured. 

I also took my 3 year old the other day and the two of us walked around the house and discussed how this would be her new home and where things would go. She was so much fun and I will be including pictures of her in the house just because she is so darn cute..

Pictures Galore!

Falls Canyon Brick - Love it but looks different from the sample we chose..

Family room to the great room...

Morning room..

Kitchen and pantry

Family room with super cute 3 year old..

Stairs going up..

Upstairs hallway leading to bedrooms...what a cute model!

Our master bedroom upgraded shower...LOOK AT THIS SHOWER MOMMY! 

Brick with the Black shutters up.. I LOVE MY BLACK SHUTTERS..

House with the siding and I would love some honest opinions..we thought the siding would be more gray (thus the black shutter choice) but this is just TAN as can be.. Its not that we don't like it, its that it is opposite of what we "thought" we chose. I could use some advice because I know they won't reside the house...


  1. What an adorable little model you have!!! I love your home and the color choices! I understand you picking out one thing and it looking a little different in person. But honestly, it is great! I am not sure what color your entry door is, but you could paint it to accommodate the shutters and siding? Just a thought...

  2. It looks awesome, but yeah I think that is pebble clay. It looks just like our siding.

  3. I think the siding and brick look very nice together! I agree, I think it is Pebble Clay. I'm a little bias since we chose that for our shake but I really like Pebble Clay. I think it's a nice grayish tan which pulls in the natural tones of the brick nicely. I understand that it looks different than the samples, but it really does look nice! It's so hard to visual and picture things from those mini samples they provide!

    I also think Eboni's idea about the door is great! I would paint it a nice contrasting color and I think that could pull the whole look together even more!

  4. Thank you guys for the comment, we agree it does look really nice and of course our amazing SR Jenna went out with me and the samples and it was dead on. It must have looked different inside..we are definitely painting the door black and I can't wait to see that added with the black shutters..

  5. Painting the door black will look fantastic! I like the siding and brick together - it looks really nice!