Friday, November 7, 2014

1 Week from today, we will have our keys.

   One week from today it will be the day we get our keys. The day we see all of our choices come together. I saw the house on Tuesday and will not see it again until the walk through. I want to leave a little mystery for myself and walk into the house with my husband before all the crazy moving happens and just have a few minutes to ourselves.

When we signed the contract in August we were surprised that building an entire house only took 4 months and imagined the time would fly. I have to say I thought the time flew and then dragged on in equal measure. Now that we are 7 days from closing and I am running out of time to pack up the apartment, schedule deliveries of appliances, big girl beds and dining room tables I am feeling like time flew.

So here we go into the final week in our small but cozy apartment. I will pack up one more time and move into the home that we have watched from a hole in the ground to the beautiful house that is there today.

I will try to tamper my need to paint and decorate every corner of our house and for the first couple of weeks I will just enjoy the house and my family.

I will enjoy the holidays and planning a house warming and I will cook something amazing in my new kitchen. I will make my daughters a beautiful playroom on the main floor so that I may hear them playing and laughing and be able to get dinner on the table.

My husband and I will have our own bedroom and be able to talk after our kids go to bed because now the girls will be on a different floor and have a new level of quiet to sleep.

I have been comfortable at our apartment but I will not miss the following things:

1. Having two use 2 keys to get into the building with my girls, my diaper bag, my purse and the groceries...IN THE RAIN.

2. I will not miss the neighbor across the hall who has poor control over their large dog and when we find ourselves in the hallway the same time I will not miss having to dodge a dog jump on me in the morning. Nothing against dogs, but I do appreciate leash control.

3. I will not miss trucking my laundry up two flights of stairs and sharing one washer and dryer with 12 other units.

4. I will not miss our upstairs neighbors who walk loudly and drop VERY heavy things at night..Or wake up and stomp around every morning around 4:30 or 5:08 AM.

5. I will not miss the fact the the apartment front door is in exact line with the bathroom door and that if you are in the bathroom for anything your neighbors have a direct view straight to the bathroom when someone opens the door.

6. I will not miss running out of quarters when my towels are "almost" dry and having to hang them around the apartment.

I just want a little bit of privacy and I know that I am 7 days away from those moments. So last but not are some pictures from my recent visit...7 days and counting.

Morning room with the fan hung..

Kitchen view again..

Flooring on first floor plus our newly laid carpet...

Downstairs bathroom..towel bar hungs. I wonder if the seat up is just a coincidence?

So the last touches are being done, the winter driveway gravel laid down, the grading (not the final) will be done until spring. And the last thing we have to really worry about is the neighbor who is having some trouble understanding property stakes (and moving them).

Yesterday we got our final approval and we are in clear to close...Thank you again NVR!


  1. Congrats! We're still about a week and a half away. So much to do, so little time.

  2. The kitchen is beautiful! I relate to every single one of those small apartment things that you can't wait to get away from! The surround in the shower, did you request that or did it come with?

  3. That's so exciting! Congrats on your soon to be new home!