Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Garage, organizing and a personal touch

   We have occupied our new home for seven weeks and when we moved in the holiday was breathing down our necks. We had time to unpack and feel a little settled but that was it before the craziness picked up and we were celebrating our very first Christmas. This year I was more anxious than usual to pack away the holiday items and get back to a normal schedule. Back to early bedtimes for the kids and no more skipping of the nap time. I wanted to finally be in the house and start to take stock of what needed to be done. The truth is you think when you build a new house that you wouldn't need to do anything but the actual truth be told is that there is a amazing list of things that need done. When you start to think about all the things on your list it can be hard to pick a starting point.

I needed to start small so I opened some of my boxes and took out some of my favorite picture frames. My husband started hanging pictures and after some trips to Hobby Lobby I found 3 new frames. Once we had some pictures hung the house started to feel more like home. Now with a few pictures on the wall it has begun to feel a little more like ours and less like the nice house we are renting.

             Outside Stair wall by the front door                                  Wall next to laundry room

              Right side family room wall                              Next to morning room door

We have our focus on the garage so that we can keep it organized. With winter coming we would like to have everything off the floor. Also, in summer with the bikes and the toys it will keep the chaos in it's own space. We chose to get quotes from Monkey bars. Here is a picture of what we plan on doing.

We have our appointment on today and once we get our quotes we should be on our way to happy storage time. Our garage currently looks like this:

Next on my punch list is the playroom (living room) we have made our window seats but the disorganization is still too much so we are taking a family trip to Ikea soon to solve all of my storage issues. That room is my favorite of the house and while it was being built I had many ideas for the room. I want something functional but beautiful for my daughters.

I need book cases, a small play table (I plan to build this), a cute rug and possible a chandelier. My sister in law made beautiful chandelier's for her daughters wedding and when I saw them I thought how beautiful it would be for the playroom.  This is something that I picture.

For anyone who built a Florence or has a mud room, what is your plan? Please share with me?

I hope all of your houses are keeping you happy and busy and for those still building I hope you are enjoying the process.


  1. Congrats on your new home! We just moved into our Florence three weeks ago. We put the washer/dryer in the basement and did not install the door between the mudroom and garage. We are using the mudroom for our Labs. Dog crate (for feeding and misbehaving Labrador), water bowl, feeding. I purchased a thing with four hooks for leashes, etc..

    I need to find a place for our two laptop bags/backpacks other than the island! I'm hoping to find something I can install over the dog crate.

    (PS - we aren't sure what to do with that front room.... Maybe a play room for our dogs?? haha - Maybe one room for them is enough!)

  2. I really really want my garage to look like this.