Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gladly Giraffe - A book review


                        The Story of Gladly Giraffe is about a friendly and helpful giraffe who is there for everyone. Gladly is giving and kind and goes about the neighborhood  helping strangers and friends.

From letting a calf ride around his neck to helping a Chimp that really wants to ride on a blimp. This kind Giraffe always responded with "Gladly". Poor Gladly does get some strange requests and starts to feel that maybe he is too helpful.

When his friends start to notice how kind Gladly is, they start planning something nice for Gladly.

This story is about a giving friend who goes above and beyond with no request to big or too small.   The illustration in the story is beautiful and very well done. I like that the drawings lend to a more realistic animals and surroundings. I enjoy that Gladly travels so far and helps so many different types of requests and I enjoyed how the story ended.

I do feel the story is meant for older children and that the phrasing would be better meant for children four and above. Kids in that age range would enjoy the story, the moral and the beautiful pictures.

You can learn more about Gladly Giraffe by going to!

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  1. Sounds like it has a pretty good message! I'd love to read it!