Monday, March 9, 2015

How to find the peace within the quiet

    Everything is quiet right now, except my mind. I have started my week this week with many unknowns. I have recently written about my mom's recent and second Breast Cancer diagnosis. Today she will have a lumpectomy and then we will wait again for the tests to show what way her treatment will go. Radiation or Radiation and Chemotherapy. I am praying for just radiation.

I left my daughters with a new babysitter who luckily came to my home today to watch my girls. My mom watches our daughters and I know how lucky I am to have her,  It allows us to work and know they are in the next best place if its not with us. While she is undergoing treatment we have been looking for alternate care for the girls and today it has gone well. I am thinking of them every second and hoping that they are feeling safe and comforted. I am biding the time where I can pack home for the day and see them. Today is oddly quiet except for the things happening around me. Today is  Monday and I don't generally love Monday's but on this day there are important things that will happen. 

My mom will have the cancer cut from her breast and then radiation clips placed to direct the radiation when it is ready to be administered.

My 1  year old has not cried so far, I hope that having someone come to our home where she is most comfortable will allow her to be okay with me being gone. 

My three year old will have a good time with her new caregiver and share with me about her day and all of her stories will be good ones.

I will pray for my mom and hope that her surgery is quick and painless and that they get all of the cancer and my mom recovers quickly. I will keep the faith for my girls to have a wonderful day with a new friend.

I will take a moment in the quiet that I have right now and try to think only positive thoughts for today.. I will revel in the peace of this minute and hope that tomorrow things will be ...calm, quiet and above all else successful.

Monday tends to make me cranky and feel rushed but not this Monday. I will only have faith and good thoughts for the things around me and the people taking care of daughters and most of all my Mother..

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  1. Sending thoughts and prayers to your family. You sound like a strong and wonderful daughter and mother, and I hope you find that "peace within the quiet"...if only for a short time before the chaos of motherhood takes over once more. Best wishes, and thanks for sharing your journey at the Manic Mondays blog hop. Wishing you the best.