Saturday, April 11, 2015

18" BBQ Grill Brush with Scraper - A Review

                  Spring is FINALLY here and so is the tell tale smell of neighbors breaking out their grills. I love that smell and the way it makes me long for warm weather, deck sitting and new grill recipes. My husband is an excellent grill man and takes pride in having a clean area to work. We are forever on the hunt for the perfect grill brush. When I was asked to do a review this past week on a 18" BBQ grill brush, I knew this review was meant for me.

               My grill brush arrived in my Amazon box and I couldn't wait to open it and get grilling. We had bone in country ribs marinating and we were ready to rock. After my husband was done cooking us our yummy dinner I asked him what he thought of his new grill brush.

My husband stated that he really did like the brush and that the bristles were strong. The way it cleaned the grill worked well. The extended handle was nice for when the flames were getting a bit high and the brush was very sturdy.

Things he would change - The brush head felt small, we have a 3 burner grill so having the head be a bit wider would have nice. Even though the bristles were strong, for someone like my husband that spends a lot of time grilling he didn't thing the brush would last all season.

Great value for the brush and the extended handle is a great feature. You can try this brush out from Amazon! Get Grilling and Enjoy the Spring.


  1. Nice piece of writing!!! BBQ Grill Brush, cleaned my grill in a snap. The bristles are sturdy and go between the bars so, so much easier than the other brushes I've used. Keep on sharing!!!

  2. Great item. This would make a great fathers day gift.