Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring decorating - A guest post

I have a new guest host today for the blog, her name is Kathleen Crane and she has such great ideas for your patio designs. I love the patio set examples as well as ideas for refreshing your patio or plastic furniture. We are doing so much building and yard planning so for me this put a new spin on how to decorate. 

Thank you Kathleen for such great ideas.


DIY: New Colours for Your Patio Set

If you are among those people who prefer to take a well – deserved rest at home, enjoying 

the greenery and the tranquility in the backyard instead of going to noisy, crowded places, 

then there is nothing more inspiring than relaxing on a patio that looks as beautiful as you 

have always wanted. Actually, there is no need to invest a considerable amount of money 

in making it look good when you can just opt for the less expensive alternative – unlock 

your creativity and take up a patio remodeling project that will save you time, energy and 

last but not least – unnecessary expenses. So let's get started and see what you can do 

with the patio you would love to see redecorated and colorful.

 If you have plastic furniture and their 

color is too boring for your liking, go 

ahead and repaint them in a color 

that meets your preferences. Make 

the chairs look great without posing a 

difficulty to your budget. Spray paint is 

a great option that even allows you to 

combine several colours, make dots 

and anything you might think of.

Stylish collection of outdoor chairs

 There is noting more stylish than white patio set, accompanied by cushions in a 

darker colour, for example brown or dark blue. Don't be afraid to make experiments 

and find the design that most appeals to you.

 Flowers play an important role in the 

overall appearance of your patio. Plant 

several pots, place them on the patio and 

enjoy their beauty when they are in 

 Painting the flower pots is another idea for 

making the patio cheerful without creating 

that feeling that makes your friends and 

family think you've put more colours than 

necessary. Limit yourself to using three or 

four colours – for example green, red, 

brown and yellow should be enough. You can consult with Gardeners in SW11 if 

you need any additional help.

Colored pots

 Who says that the patio table has to be made of plain wood? You can buy one,

made from another material, which will allow you experiment with the colours and

shades you like most.

 The paper lanterns can make your patio look wonderful and the best of all is that

they are really inexpensive and yet – effective when you want to create a cosy

 Have you ever thought of placing colourful tiles on your patio and making it look

beautiful? Plus, tiles will prevent weeds from growing, which means you will save

time and efforts for removing them. If you already have your patio tiled but the

colour is too ordinary, grab the brush and paint the tiles.

 Add an interesting feature to the design. If you want to have something that reflects

your personality and yet, it is not too obtrusive, why don't you try with a label you

can hang on the wall? You love the sea? Paint your label in blue, write something

catchy, add a few decorative starfishes and you are done. Simple, enjoyable and

 Don't exclude the rugs from the design of the patio. It can change its entire mood in

no time. However, you have to choose a rug that match the colour of the rest of the

furnitures as well as the cushions.

 Add a large umbrella in matching colour and you will be able to tell the great

difference in the outlook of your patio before and after.

 Turn your patio into a lovely pavilion. It is easier than you think. You just have to

buy a set of curtains in your favourite colour. As far as the structure of your pavilion

is concerned, the parts needed can be found in the DIY section of every hardware

 Make your patio look just glamorous by adding lighting in different colours – a

chandelier or battery operated twinkle lights.

Painting the flower pots is another idea for making the patio cheerful without creating that feeling that makes your friends and family think you've put more color than necessary. Limit yourself to using three or four colors. For example green, red and yellow should be enough. You can consult with Gardneres in SW11 if you need any additional help.


DIY is a new theme on the blog this month..What are your ideas? Share with me? Guest host with Me? 


  1. Interesting ideas. A good cleaning would even make a good difference on my porch!

  2. These are all great ideas!