Monday, May 25, 2015

How I hit #1 on google: The complete SEO Course

I was excited to get a chance to review this product titled - "How I hit #1 on Google: The complete SEO course". As I am blogging along I am putting things on my "to do" list and learning about SEO was on the list. That being said the course is very long but very detailed. I learned things about how to make your site faster, mobile uploads and of course SEO.

Each course is a lecture and comes with examples that were very helpful. I couldn't imagine having to learn all of this without the examples.  I found the most helpful ones to be lectures 28-42. Those are the ones that applied to me at the time that would help me boost my visits, my blogs, my Google ranking and the most important the experience for the visitor.

This course is a great learning experience and can help you boost your search ratings, blogs, and lengths of visits. For a blogger starting out this advice was priceless. I have to admit that I have made a list of things I need to implement and am still going back to certain sections of the course.

From How to go viral, to where to submit your articles and posts, specific sections on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter...This was so much more than a course about SEO, it was all encompassing for bloggers.

I am still learning but I am also extremely greatful for all the tips and advice. Purchase the course here  from Udemy and get your self started on growing your audience.  Here is the best part, the course is usually $399 but my readers can use this link and take the course for only $19.99 click here  That is a huge savings!


  1. This is all really good to know--thanks for posting!

  2. This is very good for those that want to increase their profile online.