Sunday, May 3, 2015

Phytoceremides 350 MG - Product Review

     I started taking Phytoceremides about 20 days ago. The vision behind this pill is that it works to give you both strong hair and nails and maybe if you are lucky a nice glow.
When I started taking the pill I was hoping for a good affect especially because I feel like I am starting to get a gobble neck.

Some good things about the Phytoceremides is that the pill has no aftertaste. I was worried that for 30 days I would be burping up the aftertaste like I do with fish oil.

I have noticed my skin a bit softer but no real affect on my nails or hair. The product is made to be gluten free as well as vegetarian and that makes it safe for anyone with different needs.

The product is a good product and can be found at Amazon here! Give it a try especially if you are having issues with your wrinkles and aging skin.


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