Sunday, May 3, 2015

Preschool is almost over.

    I was just thinking about how our very first year at preschool is coming to an end. It feels like yesterday that I was so nervous and filled with anxiety for my first child's first day at school. I had carefully chosen her outfit and we prepared her for being in the classroom for the first time.
    I have written about my frustrations with the way preschools work and the eventual way that this will affect my child. I remember every minute of dropping her off that very first day and how it felt to watch her walk away. She was beautiful and when the teacher grabbed her hand she felt timid for a moment and then she was gone. Now I am planning for her end of year preschool program and I can't believe its almost over.

So now I wonder how to keep her mind sharp and ready for next year. Summer is the time for kids to enjoy the weather and to play but I still want to make sure she doesn't forget anything she has already learned. Workbooks, repetition of numbers and letters and making sure that we do lots of exploring and learning.

I was looking to get into something along the lines of homeschooling but not on a full time basis. I will be looking for some ideas on how to prepare my daughter for her second year of pre-school.  Its hard to believe how much they change when subjected to school, activities, new friends and teachers. I look forward to the summer and to shaping her mind as we go. Check back to see what fun ways we come up with.              

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  1. I'll be curious to see if you do some homeschooling!