Saturday, June 27, 2015

DIY - Picking the right paint color

 With our recently built home from Ryan Homes decorating seems to be taking forever. What we have the hardest time with is picking and then committing to a paint color.  I have painted the rooms for our daughters but that is all. We have so many projects that we would love to do but painting is one of the first on our list. With that being said, Kathleen is back with some great DIY on paint color. Check out this post and hopefully it will inspire!

Expert Tips on How To Select The Right Paint Color 

Whenever you consider decorating or repainting of your home, 

you need to follow certain rules. Of course, you probably have 

your favorite colors for all of the rooms and you secretly hope 
to realize your dream project as soon as possible, however, 
when selection of paint colors is concerned, you may need a 
professional advice.

Some people prefer more conventional atmosphere for their
properties, while other enjoy the latest modernistic in the interior
design. The right paint color will definitely create cozier and
more welcoming atmosphere for your guests and relatives.
Even if you want to play with colors and to show your creative
skills, you can take a look at the following lines and to read
some of the basic expert tips on how to select the right paint
color. This way, you will avoid the disappointment of choosing
an inappropriate color for your walls and you will save up a lot
of money that you will otherwise invest in new paints.

Thanks to this piece of article you will learn more about the right
combination of paint colors and how to make the right choice 
when picking a paint color for your rooms. Here are several 
basic tips from professional painters London to follow:

Pay attention to the Your Items And Furniture First

You need to consider the items and furniture that already exist 
in the room. Look around yourself – the carpets, the artwork 
and the upholstery may give you a hint for the selection of the 
color. In case the rooms have not been furnished yet, leave 
the paint color as a final procedure. Make sure that you will 
pick the desired furniture and other decorations and then 
combine the paint color with them. It is the easiest decision for 
turning your room into a modern and cozy place.

Avoid Trying a Paint Sample Against A White Wall

Examining a paint sample against a white wall is not 
appropriate decision because the paint color is usually 
affected by the things that surround it. Trying the paint on a 
white wall will only make it look darker than it actually is. This 
way you risk to choose a paint color that is too light and that 
won’t correspond to your expectations.

Try the Paint Samples At Home

The paint colors may look perfectly while you are in the store, 
but things can get quite different when you put the color under 
the lighting in your rooms. Do not forget to take paint sample 
home and to see whether it will fit the atmosphere in the room, 
before you apply it on the walls.

Do not Fall For Cliches
You may have heard that picking a neutral color is the wisest 
decision when you want to keep a balance in the house, 
however, it may be way too boring to have the same paint 
color in all the rooms. It is also true that many people pick 
white paint color, as it makes the rooms look brighter and vast. 
Of course, if you fall for that idea, there is nothing wrong to trust 
the white color, just keep in mind that nowadays you have a 
wide options when interior design is concerned. You can always 
add some modern elements and decorations that will 
immediately change the atmosphere there.

These are some of the basic tips that will help you to choose
the right paint color for your home. Make the rooms welcoming 
and comfortable by combining the colors that appeal you and 
follow the tips mentioned above to be sure that they will fit 
perfectly into your rooms.


  1. I've always wanted my bedroom lavender.

  2. These are great tips for picking the right paint color. They will be a lot of help in remodeling.