Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Driveway and Final Grade update

  Well, we finally have a driveway. Once they finally poured the concrete (3o days later) we spent the 10 requisite 10 days off the driveway. We have now had a driveway for 20 official days and were told the final grade would be right after that. We are now going on 11 days and no grade.

It is darn near the end of June and our yard is still full of overturned earth, nails from the nail guns and rocks.  Originally when I started tracking my experience I was honestly overjoyed with anticipation and floored by the amazing customer service. But now, I am just emotionally exhausted. Our project manager started out as one of my favorite people at Ryan Homes and now I am not sure how I feel about him at all.

I get it. I understand. Winter work has a deadline of June 30th (per our contract) but I am so tired of the run- around. We have houses on our street that no one has moved into and they have final grades, driveways and exterior paint.  Our house is still just part-way done. 

I did not imagine being into the end of June and still have no grade for our yard. I am sorely disappointed in the fact that because Ryan Homes pushed themselves to the deadline that the quality of work on our house has disintegrated. Our project manager is treating us like we ask for something completely crazy when all we want to know is WHEN? 

How did we go from the awesome experience to us being almost embarrassed by the lacking state of our outdoors.  We made a mistake by signing without knowing all of the things that come afterward. We had no idea what this would be like once you signed. 

Here is my advice: IF you are planning on building then make sure your house will be finished in the summer or fall because if there is work to be done after winter then you will be last in line. After all, you are paying your mortgage and no longer matter to Ryan Homes.  Its on to the next new home, forget that at one time you were a priority. 

My daughters will once again go with no  yard for the summer. I have now thrown their birthday party and was actually grateful for the rain. This way I didn't have to explain why we don't have a yard and why it is taking so long.

For those that followed me, you know how much I loved the experience of building and now I am left with a bad taste.  To then be dis-regarded by our project manager was almost too much. 

And so we wait again. Our play-set is in our garage and has been for 2 months. This was meant to be their birthday gift and we celebrated on Sunday.  I hope their is another survey to fill out. They stalk you for that 30 day survey and now I know why. After 30 days it is so long, good luck enjoy your dirt pile. 

I will do another update when we even have a date for our final grade or the rest of our exterior paint is done?  Your guess is as good as mine...


  1. Oh noooo! This is not good for anyone (including the kiddos)! I really hate to read things like this and they (the leadership) should really step up and do more than expected. I hope they get everything in order for you soon. I may have to do another post about 30 day survey. I know I mentioned it in a previous post, but new builders should be aware of how important it is. Even though I am in a NVHome, they work the same! Fingers crossed for you!!!

  2. I will be sure to reference your post here for readers!

  3. That's so interesting. My fiance and I always talk about building our own house. Thanks for the advice! I'm definitely going to take it.

  4. My friend's parents are in the process of building a new house and it seems like a hassle.

  5. I can't believe some companies today. This is enough to make the meekest angry.

  6. Sorry you aren't having a great experience!