Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Must Known Bathroom Renovation Tips

Kathleen is back with more of her DIY tips, This time it is about Bathroom remodel and renovation! Kathleen has guest hosted previously with Happily Ever Rushed about Spring decorating Tips and replacing Architrave.  We have lived at our new house now for 6 months and I am dying to do a little remodel and de-Ryanize our home. Thanks Kathleen for your awesome tips.

If you feel fed up with your old fashioned bathroom, it is high
time you did some modern renovations. It is never easy to come
up with the best ideas for remodeling your bathroom, however,
there exist several must - know tips that will definitely facilitate
the whole process of renovation. You do not need to be an
expert to make the bathroom look modern and stylish – just
take a look at this piece of article to be acquainted with the most
important details that concern the bathroom procedures.

Be prepared to turn this facility into a place where you will feel
the utmost peace and comfort. All you need to do is
demonstrate great willingness when starting with the process of
renovation and pay attention to the following tips. They are easy
to be applied and they will guarantee for the best final results.
Be ready to experiment with the look of your bathroom and do
not forget to provide adequate cleaning after finishing with the
Here are some basic moments to consider when planning your
bathroom renovation project:
Before you initiate any procedures, you had better check the
current condition of the bathroom. Make a wish list for the things
that you want to change and look for every detail that is
important for you. In case you search for cost effective
solutions, divide the list to must-haves and to nice-to-haves.
This way you will be able to make rough estimations and to fit
your budget easily.
Choose Durable Flooring
When bathroom renovations are concerned, one of the
essential moments is to choose durable flooring. Depending on
your personal preferences and, of course, on the design of the
bathroom you can choose among marble, ceramic or stone
tiles. Apart from being durable, they are also water-resistant,
which makes them an excellent option for your bathroom.
A stylish mirror that is situated over a modern sink will definitely
add attraction to the bathroom. The shape of the mirror
depends on the other bathroom decorations but my personal
advice is to choose a mirror that will correspond to the size of
the bathroom.
Consider The Right Height for The Bathroom Sink
An important moment when changing the bathroom sink is to
plan the right height. Usually, countertops are situated 32
inches above the floor, however, you need to make sure that
you will feel comfortable while washing your hands or brushing
your teeth. My personal advice is to take some preliminary
measurements before buying the sink, otherwise you risk to
spend money for sink that won’t be appropriate for the design of
your bathroom.
Convert the Tube To a Shower
In case you want to make the utmost of the bathroom’s space,
converting the tube to a shower tends to be a great and a cost
effective option. Another benefit is that you do not need to make
changes in the plumbing, which saves you up a lot of time and
After you have finished with the remodeling of the bathroom,
take a look and clean the surface and the tiles by using special
detergents and equipment. Your bathroom can become more
cozy and comfortable place, if you take into account these
simple tips. Use your imagination when providing the
decorations and plan your budget wisely.
Finally, if you want to receive further details how to provide the
installations in a safe way, do not hesitate to contact specialist
that will manage with more complicated tasks. It is easy to have
your bathroom revived and renovated, as long as you are
armed with excellent ideas and a lot of inspiration.
The article is kindly contributed by CleanToPerfection SW3


  1. The bathroom is on our list. We have purchased the ceramic tiles for the floor to replace the "stick on" tiles in there. Our problem is finding the time to actually complete the project!

    1. I would love to see a picture of when you do your tiles- I haven't ventured that far yet!

  2. These are great tips! I wouldn't have thought to do half of these.

  3. I'd like to enlarge our shower.....I probably need to get an expert to take a look at it though.

    1. Rachel, I would love to Tile our shower but I don't know if that is out of my expertise..

  4. We might be remodeling our bathroom in the next year or two, so I will keep this in mind.

  5. This is great information! Thank you for sharing - since my bathroom is hardly big enough to turn around in, it shouldn't be too hard to get a remodel - except for cash, that is.

  6. Thank you for the information, I really need to do something to our tiny master bathroom. We never use it its so uninviting.

  7. Great tips!! I would also add to find materials that are easily cleaned!! Grout is an absolute nightmare after a few years so I would avoid that like the plague!

  8. Great tips! We have 2 bathrooms that we need to update (a whole house really, lol). We're looking to make it a good balance of kid-friendly and relaxation-worthy :)

  9. We have three bathrooms that really need remodeling. I really appreciate this article. You have some great suggestions

  10. I love the idea of converting a bathtub into a shower. We have a large tub in our master bathroom and don't use it that often. I would love to have a nice shower in there to save some space and open it up a bit!

  11. Thanks for the tips! We really need to redo all our bathrooms, but we'll probably wait until we're ready to sell our house.

  12. This looks lovely! Great tips!

  13. I am ready for a remodel on mine too. Great tips. I learned the a few from my mistakes the last time we did the bathroom.

  14. These are good tips! We're in the middle of home renovation right now. Haven't started on the bathrooms yet. I'm excited to make them an oasis!

  15. Great tips. Thanks for the info!

  16. Some good ideas I'll have to keep these in mind when we redo our main bathroom

  17. These are awesome tips, Kathleen. In the end, it really comes down to prep work. That's really the base from which all this renovating would spring from. The sink height, for example, should really be measured and tailored for the people who are going to use it afterwards. Also, I think the sink should work in tandem with the mirror. Height should be made a factor in both of them. Nice pointers about the shower, as well. Using the preexisting pipes is a great save, and is a logical to boot. Thanks for these tips and may your blog continue to present them.

    Roxanne Vaughn @ Total PLBG

  18. I love the look of old-fashioned tubs, but I have a hard time getting in and out of them

  19. Those are fine points. The bottom line here is before you move into the bathroom to renovate it, make sure that you know the terrain, and that you have tailor-made it for the folks who are going to be using it. That goes for the sink, which should factor in the height of the people using it, as you have rightfully pointed out. The sink would be of no use if you have kids and they can barely reach the faucet.

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing