Friday, June 26, 2015

Teaching Sisters to be friends

   I am the mother to two beautiful, funny and kind little girls. They make me smile every single day. They are sisters and friends and so far it has been pretty easy to for their relationships to develop. My baby girl just turned two and my first girl is about to be four. The sound of them laughing while they play or catching them in the middle of a spontaneous hug are some of my favorite moments.

I adore and try to memorize the small things they do for each other. My older daughter will speak for her sister and I can tell that she isn't just guessing, big sister knows what her baby sister needs. She speaks for her and the little one appreciates it. I find it so sweet when once their issue is solved they walk off together and go about their business.

Last week my husband and I were outside with our project manager and the girls had wondered back inside. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my youngest come out of the door, look at me and quickly go back in the house. As I observed this exact same movement three times in a row. I realized something was amiss. I walked up to the deck and into the house to hear my oldest crying out for me. I realized my little was coming to find me because she knew her sister needed some help. No real danger but she did need help with some wiping issues in the bathroom. Her sister knew she needed me and like a tiny sentry she nervously paced back and forth until help was on the way. 

My girls have each other's backs!

The relationship between them is so young and blossoming every moment and I can't wait to see where it goes. When they giggle or share affection, I breathe it in and mentally burn it into my memory.  When one does something for the other or when my oldest daughter laughs hilariously at the little one, it makes my heart swell with pride.

How do I foster this relationship? How do I keep them as sisters and friends? How do I keep their connection strong? I know that it seems silly at this age to worry about their relationship but the thing is, I have three sisters.  

I love them

We are not friends, only sisters and I have always wanted to be both. 

This makes me sad and leaves me lonely for the kind of relationship that other sisters have. I know that all siblings don't have a close relationship and that it doesn't bother them, but to me its everything.  

For my girls,  I want something more. I want them to never feel alone, to always have a friend in her sister. When my husband and I are gone, I want them to have each other.

You can be just be Sisters,  but what about the connection that strengthens your bond? Your secret keeper, your champion, your ally in good times and bad. The sister that would defend your honor and fight off your bullies. That is what I want for my girls. It is every single thing that I don't have but constantly wish for.  When you move out of the house, go to college, get married, have kids or when your family goes through a scary time, are your siblings your support?

How do you teach your siblings that they are more than just siblings? What is a favorite moment between your children? How do you foster their relationship with each other? Are you friends with your sisters?

Share with me!


  1. As they grow, so will their friendship! As the mom of three beautiful daughters, its been my pleasure to watch their friendships blossom as they age!

  2. I always wanted a sister and now that 'm having a girl I want her to have a sister too. I can't imagine your girls being so close now and not later. I think if they began to stray for any reason your motherly instinct would kick in an you'll know what to do.

  3. What a thoughtful post. I have 3 kiddos - oldest boy and then two girlies only 20 months apart. My biggest prayer is that HE doesn't feel left out by them... some days are better than others but I think the intentionality that you are parenting them with will pay off. Darling daughters you have!

  4. My 4 yr old granddaughter tells me that her 1 yr old brother is her best friend. Although she doesn't have a sister, I think this is wonderful.

  5. My girls get along great, they love to spend time together! I just have to remember that as they grow older friendships can ebb and flow a bit. I have several sisters and in some stages we're not as close and then we grow back together as things change again. That bond between sisters just lasts forever, no matter how it's expressed!

  6. What a nice post! I have three daughters and they are so close also. I pray that they continue to keep this bond and stay best friends for life. There is nothing as strong as family and I also have thought about the future and do everything I can to continue to foster this loving relationship between them! Thanks for sharing your daughters' relationship with us!

  7. That's sweet. My sister and I didn't get along much as kids, but we were forced to share a room and fought a bunch. We get along a little better now as adults.

  8. How sweet!! My sister and I are best friends as well, even though we're 8 years apart. Enjoy this time with your little ones!

  9. My sister and I are close and not close at the same time. We are in our twenties and still fight - but at the end of the day, my sister is my sister. We love and care for each other and can laugh along like friends any time!! She isn't my best friend, and I am not hers, but the love and connection we have for each other has remained strong throughout the fights and arguments!

    This is a great post, and is completely inspiring - it's so nice to see parents who feel for their children and want the best for them, putting value on the importance of family relationships! Thank you for sharing :)

  10. i have a younger sister and loved this… my mom always did this and we are BEST friends now! i wish the same for them… it's such a special relationship!