Sunday, June 14, 2015

The ABC Homeowner's Guide to Plumbing

Kathleen is back with some great advice on plumbing, you can do this on your own making this another great idea for a DIY!

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Homeowners often forget about the plumbing system of their home until some kind of problem appears. Since almost everything is hidden behind the walls, you can discover the serious damage when it is too late, which could be bad for you. When it comes to plumbing systems, there are some general rules which every homeowner has to know in case of an emergency. Therefore, I prepared a simple guide which includes some tips about coping with complications with the plumbing efficiently and promptly. 


The problems with the plumbing system are something normal in the household and that is why it is better to be prepared, in case you have to manage with the things on your own. Undoubtedly, the best way for handling unpleasant complications with your plumbing system is to call a professional. For the complicated problems you will certainly need the help of experienced plumber but with a proper maintenance, you can avoid a lot of troubles. If you want to be able to handle the simple problems and avoid spending money, every time something happens with the plumbing system in your home, you can read the tips below which will prepare you for any situation.

  Make sure that you always have tools – In case of an emergency, you need to have a set of tools which will help you. You don't have to buy complicated ones that you don't know how to use. I assure you that a solid wrench for the pipes, a water meter key for immediate stopping of the water and a plunger will be more than enough for handling the ordinary problems.

  The first thing to do in case of an emergency – Emergencies could happen any time and because of that you always need to know what to do. The first and most important rule is to immediately stop the water by closing the main shutoff valve. This device is usually situated close to the meter which determines the amount of water you use every day. Make sure that you find the location of the main shutoff valve and remember where it is because you will need it.

  How to handle cloggings – We all know that the plunger is an important tool when it comes to cloggings in the toilet or some other place. However, there is another device that can help in situations like these and it is called toilet auger. This is a tool which every plumber uses and which you can get too. The auger can reach any place in your toilet and handle difficult blockages, for which the plunger won't be enough. Your sink can also get clogged very easy and this usually happens when the device is not cleaned properly. By cleaning, I mean the removing of food leftovers and other little parts which can block the pipes and cause very unpleasant problems.

  Inform all family members about the main shutoff valve – This is another important rule which could save you a lot of troubles. You have to make sure that every member of your family knows the location of the main shutoff valve. In case of an emergency you may not be able to get to the device yourself, so another person will have to help you. A problem with the plumbing system could appear even when you are not at home and your kids should know what they have to do.

  Don't forget to inspect the plumbing system – The best way, you can prevent problems and complications with the plumbing system in your home is to make regular inspections. Many people overlook this simple rule and by the time they discover the problem, it is already too late to fix it alone. You have to look for any cracks in the exposed pipes, as well as for any signs of leaks or other problems. It is not necessary to do this each day but at least every few months.

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  1. Thanks! I don't know the first thing about plumbing so this helps a lot!

  2. My plumbing ABC's are A-Ask someone else, B-buy someone beer to fix it, C-Call a professional ;)

  3. These are great tips for us clueless people!

  4. Oh, dear! I'm totally worried about big plumbing issues....i can remove a drain trap to clean it out but that's about it!

  5. thanks for the tips! I haven't thought about this in a while.

  6. Thankfully I don't have to worry about this since my husband is pretty knowledgeable in plumbing

  7. I am so thankful my husband is handy when it comes to fixing things around the house!

  8. Times like this is when I'm glad to live in an apartment.