Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bookroo Review

   Reading is a very large part of life, they tell you from day one that reading to your children is important. For developing language, for recognizing words and letters and most of all for imagination. I treasure the times where we have the girls curled up in our laps with  their books and they are enjoying a story.

With our two year old rapidly learning how to speak, reading has become even more vital. When Bookroo reached out to me to try their book service I knew I was interested right away, when I  clicked on the site, I was intrigued.

Bookroo was created by family members and their love of reading. They have chosen to start this company together and to spread the word to families. The website design was great and the whole site was very user-friendly.  

The prices were listed out and their is a section for FAQ's answered all my questions. 

 I chose to order the board books. This option arrives with 3 books and ordering was a piece of cake so all I had to do was wait for the arrival. The packages from Bookroo arrive once a month at the same time so you will always know when to expect your box. When our package was delivered we gave it right to my four year old and she couldn't wait to open it.

We received 3 board books and all three stories we did not already have, so my husband and I were definitely excited. All 3 of the books were individually wrapped only adding to the excitement. What child doesn't love to open a present? 

Tonight for bed we read the books and all three were age perfect and kept the attention of our little ones. Little Cub, Little White Rabbit and A Book of Sleep are the three book titles that arrived in our Bookroo box. 

This would be a great gift for your children and would also make a really great baby shower or birthday gift for a loved one. For all the times when you are shopping and don't want to get the normal everyday stuff, remember Bookroo and your gift will keep on giving. 


All of my readers will receive a $4 discount on your first order click on this link and I can't wait to hear what your thoughts.

Thank You Bookroo for the new reading material. Currently Little Cub is our new favorite!

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