Friday, July 3, 2015

GE Dishwasher update

 I had previously written about my annoyance over my GE Dishwasher and how unhappy I was that after only two months in our house, my dishwasher had broken.  Well, I have to say that once I put in my issue on I was instantly contacted by GE. 

I spoke with Michelle and her and I chatted about different options:

1) They would extend my warranty
2) Replace my dishwasher with a new one of the exact same model 
3) Replace my dishwasher with an upgraded one and I could pay the difference between our current dishwasher and the new dishwasher.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by the options and once my husband and I got to talking we decided that we wanted a new dishwasher and would pay the difference. 

I did a lot of online shopping and admittedly between the busy holidays and the harsh winter I put the dishwasher on the back burner for a couple of months. Then when I noticed the dishwasher had stopped dissolving my dish cubes, I knew I had put it off as long as possible. I called GE and told them I was ready to pick a dishwasher and this time I was connected with Bridget, I gave her my choices and she checked them out with me and we went over the differences and features. Bridget was very knowledgeable and I appreciated her advice.

We finally settled on the GE Hybrid Stainless Steel Interior with Hidden controls                      (gDT550HSDSS).  

Bridget set it up, told me what kind of fitting I would need and told  me I would be hearing from the delivery company. By the time I came home that night we had a message saying our dishwasher would be delivered in 2 days. My old one was removed, the new one was installed and I was happy.

The best part was the retail price all though on the site it was listed at $650 ended up being the same exact price and cost us no money out of pocket.


This dishwasher is efficient and most of all quiet, the old one seemed like it ran for hours and vibrated the counters. This one we don't even know its running until it stops and dings a little song.

GE did a great job and stood behind their products and this helped a little being that my experience with Ryan Homes right now is a not as smooth as it started out.

Thank you GE, I have used the dishwasher now for 1 month and I am still please as punch!
I hope that going forward Ryan Homes will read reviews on the products that are put in their homes. New homes and new home owners expect more than the dishwasher that was chosen! 

Being able to run the dishwasher now without worrying that my dishes are still dirty, wet and soapy is the best part!


  1. I so agree, have always hated our dishwasher, loud as hell, have had it repaired 2x now and now bottom rack is rusting, how did you get GE is contact you???

    1. I put my RyanHomes service ticket in and GE called us That is when she gave us our options. If you are still under warranty I am betting you can get the same help! Our previous dishwasher was ragingly loud.

  2. Speaking up can really get you somewhere! Glad they rectified the problem!

  3. Right now we don't have a dishwasher, with 4 kids it gets crazy so we hoping to get one in the next couple of months! So maybe GE will be where we go!