Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tiaras & Treasures Inc.

  My daughter and I were recently invited to a birthday party for the daughter of one of my best friend's. My daughter is four and this was her first official "friend" birthday party, I knew from the moment I received the invitation, we were in for a treat.  We had been invited to a Frozen themed tea party. The idea behind the party didn't surprise me as my friend is very creative and a great mother who always has something fun planned.

The invitation was white with Frosty blue type with pink accents that gave me all the details for the event. Lets be honest, throwing a birthday party is serious work and can be exhausting. Then party day rolls around and you are the last to be dressed for the party as you are rushing around for all the final details.  By the time the last guest leaves you feel exhausted and like you didn't have a moment to talk with anyone that attended.  Parties are just busy and fun but a busy whirlwind! 

When we arrived I saw the most beautiful, frosty blue tea party table all set up. There was an Olaf display in the middle, real teacups and plates and individual name tags for the girls. I was floored at how pretty this table looked!

We entered the main party room and it was just as pretty as the table. There was a table set up for crafts, a runway and a make up center. 

1. Silver sparkly frames were provided for decorating. 
2. A Snowman decorating contest that involved teams of two. 1 builder and 1 snowman.
3. The girls were given a tiara, white gloves, a blue boa and had their make up done.
4. A runway show after the girls were dressed up and officialy deemed a Snow Princess.
At the end of the runway you had your picture taken with Elsa.


That's Right - Elsa was at the party the whole time in both character and costume!

After the fashion show there was some singing and dancing and a scavenger hunt. 

Once the activities were over it was time for the official Tea Party.
The girls all found their seats and were served lemonade and a delicious slice of cake.

During the cake and lemonade one of the party throwers printed all the pictures of the girls with Elsa and had them in the frames that were previously decorated.

They were standing up next to an official certificate for being a Princess with a gift bag that was Frozen themed. 

Here was the best part of the party. The ladies that run this event company did a wonderful job. They had everything set up, organized and running exactly on time. The activities kept the girls busy and having fun and my favorite part...My friend was actually able to sit and talk with the mom's as well as watch her daughter have fun!

The attendees of this party ranged from 3-6 years old and everyone was engaged regardless of age. As I was gathering up my daughter and her little gifts and as we said good bye, I noticed that the party was being packed up and cleaned up. 

So to sum up.. Awesome party, that was set up and torn down without so much as an interruption to the party AND my friend was able to actually enjoy the party.


I checked out the website and was happy to see that a Frozen Tea party wasn't the only option. There are many themes and even ones for boys!

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  1. That's so sweet! And the icing on the cake is that the hostess was able to enjoy it, too! I've been to "elaborate" parties where the host is stressed the entire time about things going well or not going well. Little kids are easy to please, so I'm glad all of her wonderful, extra efforts were enjoyed by everyone, including her!