Friday, December 4, 2015

Kids Imaginative 12 piece Dinosaur set

      I have two little girls and you would think that we are all about girl stuff. Don't get me wrong we have our dress ups, princess shoes and baby dolls but we are also in the land of loving cars, trains and now dinosaurs.                                                          
 I recently received the opportunity to review a product by Kids Imaginative and I am so happy to say that we LOVED the dinosaurs. 

They product is 5-7 inches tall and comes in multiple species, colors and sizes. There was even a light pink dinosaur and that of course became our new companion. We take pink dinosaur out in the cold and to restaurants and in the car on trips. Most of my readers know that I have a two year old and a four year old so when they are kept busy with a toy, mommy is happy. 

I love all the questions that my four year old has started to ask as well as her new dinosaur imagination.  She is excited for her show and tell at pre-school because when it is time for the letter 'D' she is ready to take in her new collection. 

My two year old also loves the Dinosaurs but her sister begrudgingly gives her two of the twelve to play with so she often gets the short end. We are working on sharing every day but so far it is still 10 dinosaurs for the four year old and two for the little one. 

If you have a little one, boy or girl. This is the toy for you. Great price and great product. We have even started to watch "Land Before Time" because they HAD to have a Dinosaur movie.  

Here is the link for Kids Imaginative on Amazon. Great Christmas idea for any kids in your life! 

I would only change one thing - I wish there was a dinosaur map that showed a picture of the dinosaur and the name as well as one nice fact about them.  This would really be nice for parents so they can answer more questions. 

              Thank you Kids Imaginative - We Loved it!

* I received product for this review, All opinions are my own**

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