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Why Choose Organic lifestyle in 2016

Amy Mia Goldsmith is guest hosting on the blog with same great ideas on why you should choose an organic lifestyle in 2016. Thanks for guest hosting Amy and for the great ideas.

Why Choose Organic Lifestyle In 2016

Every year begins with countless of resolutions, new ideas and different lifestyle changes. And every year, most of those improvements and upgrades simply fade away. Let 2016 be different. Improve yourself on every level and let this year be the beginning of a completely new lifestyle of yours. This is the time where we should think more about our environment, our health and also our finances. This is exactly why we should adopt a new style of living – a lifestyle on a budget. And here is how:
  1. Use Organic Cosmetics


Switching from conventional cosmetic products to organic ones has a lot of different benefits. The products you use on every day basis , from cleaning products in your kitchen and your bathroom up to beauty products and makeup are known to contain countless of toxic chemicals that damage your health, cause different health conditions and also have grave consequences on not only our health but the environment as well. Organic cosmetics are based on all-natural ingredients that act nurturing. These products are better for your skin, your overall health and the environment as well. Other than this, organic products are actually known to be quite affordable, taking in consideration that some well-known brands are known to charge more for their name rather than the product itself.
  1. Grow Your Own Food Or Buy From A Farmer’s Market


Another great way to start implementing an organic lifestyle to your daily routine is carefully choosing the foods you eat and the groceries you buy. The best way to do this is actually growing your own food, fruits, vegetables and even herbs. This way you will always know that your food is fresh, healthy and not treated with any chemicals. If so it happens that you do not have appropriate conditions for creating an organic garden in your household, the next best option is purchasing your food from local merchants and farmer’s markets. There are also countless of different options you could use in order to preserve not only your health but your wallet as well. For instance, find and use organic coupons and special offers that will enable you all kinds of deals and discounts on organic food. Also, stop wasting your food, remember to freeze all your leftovers or simply create compost from all food waste.
  1. Recycle


Recycling and reusing old things you find in your house is also one way to start living greener. Do not throw away glass jars or bottles, as they can serve as water jugs, vases and containers for condiments and spices. Reuse your wooden crates to make shelves or old tires to create garden furniture. Besides reusing, make sure to have separate trash bins for plastic, glass, paper and metal and to properly manage your waste.
  1. Organize Your Clothes


Of course, going green does not only apply to food, cosmetics and trash. There are a lot of organic clothing brands that use natural fibers like hemp, cotton, silk, wool and similar for making their clothing garments. These materials are free from herbicides, pesticides and genetically modified seeds. Beside the fact they are grown according to organic standards, these materials are also more durable and enable temperature regulation, breathability and other benefits that are not possible with synthetic clothing. Also, another way to be more organically aware is to purchase already used clothes from second-hand shops and also donate the clothes you do not wear anymore to others. SWAP is a great online retail store that allows you to do exactly that.
  1. Stay Informed


Last but certainly not least is to try and stay informed as much as you can about different eco-friendly opportunities. There are so many amazing eco products available, sign up to eco newsletters and blogs to hear about new ideas. Who knew you could purchase stones to put in your shower which flash red when it is time to get out?!
Let 2016 be a stepping stone towards a completely new lifestyle of yours. Embrace the complete organic vision and start implementing new and different practices into your life. You will see remarkable changes in no time, not only with you and your surroundings, but with your wallet as well.

About the author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate from Melbourne. Her passion is beauty and fashion and she loves to spend her free time travelling and of course – living green ! You can contact Amy on her Facebook page and Twitter.

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