Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Intelliarmor Review


   Thank you to the makers of #Intelliarmor for sponsoring this post. Space saving is the key when you have limited space, Intelliarmor quickly charges up to four different gadgets at one time. 

 When we gave this a test drive we were excited to see that our phones did charge much quicker. We can charge tables, Ipods and phones with one simple system. 

  • intelliSMART charging technology determines the need of any attached device and adjusts power for a fast an efficient charge.
  • SPACE SAVING: Compact design lets you power all your devices whether at home or on the go.
  • ULTRA FLEXIBLE: Simultaneously charge smartphones, tablets, Fitbits, cameras, or anything that uses a USB port.
  • DEPENDABLE DESIGN: lightweight, compact and easily portable. Fits in the palm of your hand and perfect for travel.
  • Backed by renowned intelliARMOR customer service ready to respond within. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, Lifetime Warranty and Hassle Free support.

Check this out on Amazon and if you have Amazon Prime you can have it 2 day shipping for free! 

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Capresso Ultima PRO Espresso & Cappucino Machine Giveaway

Wouldn't this be the perfect addition to your morning? 

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The Capresso Ultima PRO Espresso & Cappuccino Machine Giveaway ($200 RV) #Capresso

capressobackground111Deliciously Savvy is hosting a giveaway in which 1 Lucky Winner will receive an Ultima PRO Espresso & Cappuccino Machine Giveaway valued at $200! This is a fabulous machine.... made in compact form with professional results! Read My Review HERE!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Kindle Paperwhite giveaway - Free and Paid options

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Goodbyn Hero and Bynto Containers Giveaway

GOODBYN Hero & Bynto Containers Giveaway (2 Winners!) ~ Ends 6/20


Deliciously Savvy is Hosting another Giveaway in which 2 Lucky Winners will each receive a GOODBYN Hero container & a GOODBYN Bynto Container in their choice of colors! These are perfect for packing healthy and delicious snacks and lunches.... take them to the pool, beach, camping, hiking, for school lunches....or for anything! Total RV $44! Enter Today & Good Luck!

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

ShikShook Cocktail Shaker

  I used to bar tend when I was in my early twenties and pouring the perfect drink was the main objective. With Shikshook I can once again pour the "perfect" drink. Not to weak and not to strong. Shikshook includes a two sided jigger that allows for the right amount of alcohol. 

Shikshook Cocktail comes with two pours, a two sided jigger and of course the shaker. You can pour cold drinks for your guests and the Shikshook is stainless steal that adds a little class to your get together. 

You can purchase this on Amazon and if you have prime our course it will ship for free! With Shikshook I am Happily pouring drinks.


* This product was sent to me at no charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own**

PinPix Decorative bulletin board review

  With 2 busy little girls and life getting only busier by the minute, I am always looking to get organized. The makers of PinPix were kind enough to send me this beautiful board to review. 

This comes in a 30x20 size with quarterfoil design trimmed in a black frame. I love that this can be perfect in an office or in the kitchen. This is made of fine cork board and with some push pins (not included) you can put all of your important papers in one place. I personally also have adorable pictures of my kids on my PinPix. 

School just let out but it will be a blink of an eye before its time again for all the craziness. Order your Pinpix from Amazon.

*I received this product at no charge in exchange for my honest review**

Friday, May 20, 2016

Liquid Savvy Review

 This post is sponsored today by the makers of Liquid Savvy. My husband is an avid coffee drinker but also as a runner he needs an occasional cold beverage.

He was game to try the Liquid Savvy and he ended up being impressed. The liquid Savvy was great at keeping his coffee hot and the only complaint he had was that it didn't fit under our Keurig.

For cold it did the same and even on a warm day, left in the car. He came back from a run with a nice cold drink of water.

The Liquid Savvy can be purchased at Amazon and comes with two interchangeable lids. Give it a try!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Scrigit Scraper & Amazon Giveaway

Scrigit Scraper & Amazon GiveawayScrigit Scraper tool Giveaway

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You will never need another tool! The Scrigit Scraper is a handy cleaning tool that provides a quick, safe and convenient way to remove small amounts of unwanted substances from household and automotive surfaces. This handy scraper was developed to fill a large gap in the current market for cleaning tools. There is often a need to quickly clean small spots of unwanted substances or reach into edges, grooves and other tight locations without damaging the surface being cleaned. We have been completely amazed at the many things we can use the Scrigit Scraper for. Things you think are too hard to get to or remove can be done with the Scrigit Scraper. The perfect thing is it's able to do all of this without damaging surfaces! I can't imagine being without my Scrigit Scrapers! They are so handy I keep them all over the house and even 1 in my car.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

7 Tasty breakfasts recipes to kickstart your morning

7 Tasty breakfast recipes to kick start your morning

Got bored of the same old breakfast recipe rut? Do you want to spice up your breakfast environment? Then quit worrying and join with me as we explore the world of appetizing super healthy and budget friendly cuisines.
Breakfast is a must for an energetic start. A healthy breakfast (along with drinking some lemon water) boosts your concentration in the boardroom and classroom. It helps in weight control, gives you more strength and endurance, and it jump-starts your energy levels for a more productive day.
Here are seven tasty breakfast ideas for your recipe collection.

Sautéed mushrooms and tomatoes scrambled eggs
Recipe- Celebrity Chef Ramsay Gordon
Lavish and classic sautéed mushroom and tomatoes scrambled eggs is an ideal breakfast for weekends. Enjoy this sumptuous feast soaking up the morning sun with your loved ones.
Mushrooms -2
Cherry tomatoes- 1 small bunch
Olive oil- 2 teaspoons
Sadler bread- 1 nice thick, chunky piece
Butter- 2 tablespoons
Eggs -3
Fresh cream- ½ teaspoon
Pepper and salt according to taste.
Onion spring- a few
Heat a pan. Add some olive oil.
Cut the stem of the mushrooms and put them whole with the flat side facing the pan.
Add little bit of pepper
Take a small bunch of cherry tomatoes.
Roast them along with the vine and place them near the mushrooms in the pan.
Let the mushrooms and the tomatoes sit there in the pan on low heat. Remove the pan from fire after 3- 4 minutes.
Cut a piece of the Sadler bread.
Break open the eggs in a pan.
Add the butter to the eggs. Kept it on the fire.
Whisk it in the pan. Take it off from heat. Then go back to the heat. Do this 3 or 4 times.
Treat it like a risotto; you cannot stop stirring it.
If you do this, you’ll get creamy and fluffy scrambled eggs. Add some fresh cream to the eggs.
Whisk it and add pepper and salt. Add some finely chopped onion sprigs
Toast your bread.
Serve the scrambled eggs on the toasted bread along with the roasted mushrooms and the vine of cherry tomatoes. Drizzle some olive oil over it.

Banana, sun butter, and Chia seed toast
Recipe: Amanda Plott author and creator of TheSkinnyFork.com
Amanda has tried her hands with black bean toast and avocado toast. She writes “I wanted to do a bit different, but still with a main focal point of toast”. She has used sun butter because there are a lot of people out there with peanut allergies.
This superfood with ½ a sliced banana and a sprinkle of Chia keeps your stomach full, and your mind fueled. You can drizzle some raw honey to add a touch of sweetness.
Bananas give you the vitamin B6 and potassium. Chia seeds are loaded with antioxidants and high-quality proteins. This breakfast is easy, healthy and delicious. So gobble it up in one go.

Warm Fruit Bowl
Recipe: Mckel Hill, Dietician Nutritionist
Craving dessert for breakfast? Try this gluten free fruit bowl.
Mckel writes, “The mix of fiber-rich and antioxidant rich fruits like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries utilize the best summer fruits –mixed in with apple or pear of your choice”.
The crunchy toasted coconut shreds and dark chocolate shavings together with the fruits makes it a yummylicious breakfast. You can also add hemp seeds to bring in more healthy fats and proteins.

Tropical breakfast smoothie
Recipe: goodfood
What an easy, delicious and super healthy way to start your day! Breakfast smoothies are a great energy booster. It helps in easy digestibility and nutrient assimilation.
Throw in some passion fruits, banana, mango and orange juice. Blend it well. A nutritious summer smoothie is all yours in a jiffy. Gulp it down topped with ice cubes.
Passion fruits are rich in vitamins A and C. Mangoes improve the eye health and enhances skin clarity. Bananas improve your digestive health.

Alfa Alfa sprouts open sandwich
Recipe: Celebrity chef Tarla Dalal
Loaded with peppers, olives, cheese, tomatoes and of course alfa alfa sprouts, this Middle Eastern open sandwich helps to start your day in high gear.
These tender seedlings are rich in phytoestrogens, which reduce the symptoms of menopause. They are rich in vitamin K. The green, yellow and red capsicums provide a rainbow of nutrients. Laced with olive oil this open sandwich gives you a health boost at the start of your day.

Four-grain coconut porridge with autumnal fruits
Recipe: The celebrated Italian chef Jamie Oliver
Appetizing and healthy, this coconut porridge fills you with nourishing nutrients to step out for a new day. The best thing about this porridge is that you can make a larger batch and keep it for the next morning.
Jamie Oliver says, “This is the most delicious porridge and its very good for you”. You can either add autumnal fruits or mix it up with your favorite fruit and nut combos.
Coconut milk is lactose-free and can be used by those with lactose intolerance. It provides electrolytes and prevents fatigue. The creamy texture and natural sweetness of coconut milk along with the antioxidant-rich blackberries, protein rich hazelnuts and chia seeds make for a heavenly morning treat.
The grainy quinoa and oats pep up the nutrition quotient even higher.

Asparagus frittata
Recipe: Celebrated Italian chef Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver guides you about the use of asparagus. He writes “use wild or thin asparagus such as spruce-the spears from the first picking”. What a delicious way to enjoy tender asparagus!
This dish takes about 25 minutes to cook and is super easy to make. The large free range eggs, asparagus, olive oil and unsalted butter are a great combination to pipe in all the essential nutrients into your body.
Asparagus is a very good source of fiber, vitamins A, C, E and K. It is also a rich source of chromium, which boosts your energy levels.
You can serve asparagus frittata hot or cold. Just remember to drip in some hot sauce, such as harissa to add more spice and zing.
“Eat breakfast like a king”- this simple quote is so true. After a long night’s fast the body needs nutrients to function effectively. So never skip breakfast, if you are too time tried then blend a smoothie and gulp it down.
Eat well, think positive and be successful should be your mantra of life.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Basic Invite

Check out Basic Invite for your invite needs- They have beautiful stationary and cards for any event. If you are planning a wedding then you have to check out the beautiful invites. I am excited to have them on the blog today. Take a minute and check out Basic Invite.


What makes Basic Invite stands out against other online stationary companies

While planning your wedding, there’s lots of decisions to be made! First things first, you need to pick out the first thing your guests will see- the stationary! The invitations and save the dates are what sets the tone for the entire wedding day itself. You have to make sure you choose something that’ll not only make a statement, but reflects your personal style as bride and groom! As you search for the perfect stationary, Basic Invite is your new best friend! Basic Invite has everything you need for the big day; From Save the Dates, invites and RSVP cards, to programs and menus! There’s more than a few reasons on how they stand out among other online companies, here’s a few reasons why:

Every card is 100% customizable!- Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. Once you select your favorite design, you can get completely creative! With over 160 different colors and fonts, you can make sure your invites match your color scheme perfectly by customizing each element down to the tiniest details.

Custom Samples - Wouldn’t it be a complete nightmare to fall in love with something online, only to have it not look at all the same once it arrives in the mail? While planning a wedding, this is something you just cannot risk! That’s why Basic Invite allows customers the ability to order a printed sample of their actual invitation so they can see exactly how it will print (as well as the paper quality) before they ever have to place an order for 500 invitations. This saves lots of time as well as stress!

Over 40 Different Colors of Envelopes -   Just when you thought Basic Invite couldn’t get more color crazy, they actually offer customers colored envelopes! Choose from over 40 different colors to make your invite stand out before it’s even opened! All envelopes are also peel and seal, so the envelopes can be quickly and securely closed without having to lick each one.

It’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed while planning an event of any kind. Basic Invite wants to take some of that stress away by making ordering your stationary easier than it ever has been! Head over to Basic Invite now to get started on creating a truly personal and customized invite your loved ones will want to hold onto forever!

Hero and Bynto Containers giveaway - Free and Paid options.

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Regain your Optimal Gut Health With the Four R's

 Amy Mia Goldsmith is guest hosting today at Happily Ever Rushed. This is an article on keeping your gut working in a better more healthy way. Thanks Amy for the amazing advice and for being a great guest hostess!


Regain Your Optimal Gut Health With The Four Rs
We live in the time when everything is fast (especially food), but the metabolism. Taking care of your diet is considered too challenging and time-consuming, but the truth is that the poor food choices we make, combined with alcohol consumption, caffeine intake, bad bacteria, antibiotics and NSAIDs can cause significant damage to our gastrointestinal tract. This can lead to partially digesting the food which can cross through the intestinal lining and enter directly into the bloodstream, a problem otherwise called a “leaky gut”. The solution is right in front of you and it is adopting a new approach to your food consumption, which consists out of four steps: remove, repair, restore and replace.
Step 1: Remove
If you had made some wrong dietary choices in the past, now is the right time to get rid of their residues and remove them from your menu. First, you will have to stop consuming any chemical irritants and allergenic foods. Most common foods that affect your GI tract negatively and cause inflammatory response are gluten-containing products and soy, peanuts, cow milk, corn, etc. Other irritants can include processed food, coffee and alcohol. Also, you should try your best to eliminate sugars or at least eat less sweet foods. Furthermore, this stage will require taking some time to relax and find peace, because stress can have a devastating impact on your digestive system.
Step 2: Repair
In the next step your gut will start to recover slowly and you should aid that repairing process. Do that by opting for a balanced diet clear of processed food, based on substances you know are good for your gut health, such as omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, zinc, L-glutamine, turmeric, aloe vera and quercitin. Full recovery will not happen in a day, but in time, if you continue with this diet, your digestive system will find a way to repair the damage of the intestinal tract caused by all the irritants and stressors which tormented your body for years. Repair is the only process that lasts from the beginning and never truly ends.
Step 3: Restore
The following step will require you to introduce probiotics, such as Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus acidophilus in order to restore your gut’s optimal bacterial flora population (a healthy gut contains 85 percent of good bacteria). Probiotic is a good bacteria which helps the reinforcing and maintaining a healthy digestive tract and fighting illnesses. The decline in good bacteria allows bad bacteria to grow and develop which are striving for taking over control and bringing illnesses into your organism. Some foods naturally rich with probiotics are kimchi, kefir, miso and sauerkraut.
Step 4: Replace
Now it is the time for replacing or adding all those factors that may be lacking in your body or missing in your diet. Think of this step as you giving support to your digestion, which is essentially different from any other person’s digestion, so it should be considered accordingly. Mostly, people need sufficient amounts of hydrochloric acid, enzymes and bile. Some people will find supplementing a digestive enzyme well enough for their goal of improving digestion, while others will turn t some more natural solutions like drinking a glass of water with a few drops of apple cider vinegar before meals or introducing raw vegetables and fruits into the diet. It is always helpful to follow the main principles of food combining (pairing foods that is easy to digest together).
Struggling with digestive problems is not at all rare. Most people live with it every day, and a part of them even seeks medical help. For example, these days there is a lot of talk about the H. Pylori controversy. Some medical research shows that H. pylori is the direct cause of heartburn and acid reflux, but it hasn’t been proven yet. Anyway, if you feel burning or ache in the abdominal region that is worse on an empty stomach, those are probably h-pylori symptoms so better consult a doctor.
There are some natural changes that can be implemented in your diet which will help your gastrointestinal tract work more efficiently.
Do not hesitate to apply them

About the author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate from Melbourne. She leads a green lifestyle and is a healthy lifestyle enthusiast. You can find Amy on Twitter.