Sunday, May 1, 2016

Body Budd Review

   Thank you to the makers of the Body Budd, they sponsored this post today. Well, both my husband and I gave the Body Budd a try and my husband was MUCH better at this than me.  
Once it was set up, I have to say this was very hard. Only because I do not have any upper body strength. What I really liked is there are many ways to use the Body Budd.

 Here is where I struggled and gave myself a good laugh. My husband didn't have any trouble with this at all. I chose the different moves. 

Best part about the Body Budd is you can use it anywhere and it travels easily.

Jump on Amazon and purchase at an affordable price, the Body Budd. Tell me what you think. I worried all the stretching could break the Body Budd but the strength will surprise you. 

Good luck and let me know what you think.

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