Sunday, May 8, 2016

For My Mother - Chanel's letter

  I am so excited and happy today to have my lovely, beautiful and kind niece as a guest host. I have loved her every day of her life and I have watched her grow from a little girl into an amazing woman. My sister raised her girls alone and most times she struggled but to read this letter I know she did a great job. I can't say Happy Mother's day to my niece but I bet my sister will treasure forever this letter from her daughter.
Happy Mother's Day my sister.



  When I think of you I think of the perfect example of a strong and independent woman, not because life has always been perfect, but because it’s not perfect and never will be. I’ve learned this by watching you go through every struggle that life has given you and seeing you pick yourself back up and still shine with that perfect squinty eyed smile, which I have also inherited from you. 

You have taught me anything and everything that I would need to know from all of your wisdom, and I know you are always a phone call away for any other questions I might have. You are such a wonderful person that not only are you there for me and my sisters, but our friends, your friends, and anyone else who would need you.

You have taught me so many of your wonderful qualities that I am so thankful for. Because of you I know what I deserve, to be who I am, and to not get pushed over by anyone or anything. I want to thank you for teaching me these things. I also want to thank you for being so hard working to make sure that the girls and I always had what we needed, even if you had to work ten times harder to get it for us. 

You have shown us that nothing is handed to you and that we need to work for it. I hope that in the future when I have a family I am at least half the mother that you are. You are the most important person to me. Thank you for taking the role of two parents and doing it as one. Thank you for not only being my mother but my best friend and the person I can fully count on. I am so thankful for the relationship that we have and that you still let me sit on your lap and hold me like a baby at the age of 25 when I need it. 

You are a superhero, inspiration, and the best person I know. For us you would risk it all and because of you we will never fall. I love you mom! 

Forever your princess, 


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