Friday, May 6, 2016

For My Mother - Kim's letter

Kim is a first time host on Happily Ever Rushed and I am was so excited to have her participate in the #formymother series. Kim and I work together but it is more than that, she is warm, kind, loving, funny and one of those people that draw you close and keep you there. Kim's support and kindness is what makes her a great mom and friend. Happy Mother's day Kim!


Dear Mom: 

It seems like just yesterday when you were tucking us in at night after reading a good bedtime story and saying our prayers when actually it's been over 50 years ago (closer to 60 years)! You were the original multitasker. 

Even though you had a career you put your family first and always had a hot meal ready so that we could have dinner together and discuss our day. The love you have shown us and the sacrifices that you made did not go unnoticed. Your strength and your guidance will always be appreciated. 

I always thought you were "Super Mom" but now I know for a fact that you are. When I became a mom and tried to balance that with working and everything else that life offers I realized how difficult it was but your "life lessons" made it much easier. 

You are amazing, beautiful, smart, loving and generous and I am so proud to call you mom. You made so many special memories for your children and continue to do that with your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren (Jess and I love our dinner and movie nights). Mom, thank you for all that you do. I am so blessed to have you in my life. 

Love, Kim

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