Sunday, May 1, 2016

For my Mother - Stacey's Letter

This is the first letter in the series #Formymother and I am so very honored to have my sister Stacey to kick off the series. My Sister and I do not share the same mother but we share the same appreciation for our mother's and for our daughter's for each of us was loved more than we could say. For my sister who recently has struggled, I say Thank you for participating and I wish you the very best Mother's day!

Hi Mom,

  I want to start out telling you how much I love you and appreciate all the love your have shown my children.  We both had a lot out in our shoulders at young ages.  Mine came when Frank passed away and I had to become strong to raise these beautiful girls on my own and you having to pick up where I fell short.   I know my girls are strong Women because they had to live life with sacrifice at such young ages and it hurts to think about what must have gone on in their minds and hearts.   I didn't do everything right and thought I did my best but I could have done better.   

You told me just a few months ago that I was numb and just living to survive I thought you were crazy because I felt everything.  But you were right I have been numb for a long time.   I didn't see things that were right in front of my face and was scared to  do anything to change because I lost faith in myself.  

 This was slowly taken from me and now I spend hours a day remember that feeling of keeping faith that God is here I am not alone.  Now facing another challenge I keep thinking of how it is effecting everyone else.  

My children are first to come to mind and it is weighing in my heart because no child should have to have to worry about mom, but I am doing the same worrying about how all of this must be effecting you.   I would rather be in my shoes than yours.  I don't know what I would do if I had to sit back and watch my daughter go through this. I am a strong woman because of you but I have grown tried of  being strong for so long.   I have always believed in prayers but find myself having daily discussions with God on a variety of subjects but most of all strength and health for my loved ones and others facing their own battles.  

 Everyone comes into your life for a reason some we will understand and others we will shake our heads then smile to ourselves when they walk away.  

Thank you mom for making me go to church and learning about God.  
For giving me life, teaching me how to be strong,love hard and question everything.   

I love you mom stay strong I got this.   

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  1. Thank You My LoVe ~
    I am your biggest fans, I believe in your dreams and will always be supportive of all that is important to you. You are strong because of your faith and you have passed that on to your girls!
    I will never let you forget how incredible, strong and LoVed you are! And I know you’ve got this one too! Happy Mother's Day to you! Mom