Friday, July 1, 2016

Creative Ways to Display Your Children's Artwork

I am so excited to have Zoe from Smooth Decorators guest hosting this week while I am on vacation. Check out her great ideas for decorating and creating a family friendly space.

Thanks Zoe! 

Creative Ways to Display Your Children's Artwork

I’ve been a pre-school teacher for more than five years now and I can honestly say that I’m in love with my job. I enjoy preparing various activities for my classes so as to help the children develop their full potential. The best way for a child to learn is by experiencing things. They need to move, jump, skip, touch, observe and participate in experiments we do. Above all, they need to create – it’s a human necessity best visible during childhood.
My classes always consist of visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities – used consecutively. Doing the tasks and creation – the so-called production phase – is of utmost importance for kids and the development of their self-esteem. Never underestimate the value of a child’s work. Having so many different products of their work to display, I got an idea to organize thematic exhibitions at the end of every month and give the children opportunity to think of different ways of exhibiting their art works. Their ideas were amazing! They cooperated so well and were seriously dedicated to the task. I am happy and more than willing to share some of these ideas of displaying various artworks. Be sure you try them out at your home, as well. There’s no doubt your kids will enjoy having an exhibition every now and then.

Gallery walk

The most popular exhibitions we had were gallery walks – the artworks of different shapes and sizes were hung on the longest wall in the room. The kids then led parents and other guests for a short walk to present their work. If you do this at home, pick favorite works together with the kids and decide on the frames. You can hang the works on the corridor wall, for instance, or in the dining room or the kitchen – the kids will be so proud, believe me. The gallery can have a vertical shape, as well; or the shape of a wave or a long snake. Let the children decide on that once you have the wall ready to be decorated in front of you.  

The magnificent art corner

I have chosen one corner of our classroom specifically for displaying certain works of art the kids make and for creating the appropriate thematic surrounding, depending on the topics we cover. We made the North Pole out of Styrofoam, using water and real ice. Every year we have a different Easter exhibition, making various Easter crafts, for instance a field of artificial grass with little animals made out of toilet paper rolls and eggs hidden around. You can easily make this kind of a corner in your child’s bedroom, or even at the balcony.

Make a theme-based collage

This is my personal favorite. The first step is to pick all kinds of smaller drawings the kids did, photos, pictures taken from kids’ magazines, paper of different texture, various kinds of fabric, etc. Then, the task is to think of the best way to arrange all of these onto a thick large poster paper. You can cover different topics with each poster, depending on the kids’ current interests or the curriculum. Forest Collage is a great example – you can pick colors and animals the kids drew depending on the season.

How to use strings, yarn, clipboards and clothes pins

A creation of an art frame using yarn of different colors is the process kids really enjoy. They have so much fun doing this. We pick together the artwork that we want to display and then decide on the way to do it. The pictures of different sizes can be hanged vertically or horizontally, using larger or smaller clothes pins. You can build your own frame at home and let your kids string yarn across it. For this kind of art display you actually don’t have to use frame at all. You can spread yarn across the wall and just fix it using the nails.
Whichever way of displaying artwork you find suitable, the most important thing to remember is to have fun while doing it. The kids memorize the feelings they had while being part of the whole process – feeling of happiness while creating something and the feeling of achievement once their product is presented to the world.


  1. Thank you Stephanie for giving me the opportunity to fill in for you while you are away. I hope your readers will enjoy what we prepared for them this week.
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