Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How to Create a Fun and Practical Children's Room

I am so excited to have Zoe from Smooth Decorators guest hosting this week while I am on vacation. Check out her great ideas for decorating and creating a family friendly space.

Thanks Zoe! 

How to Create a Fun and Practical Children's Room

If any room in your home gives you a free hand to decorate it in any way you imagine, then it’s your kid’s room. This space should be a reflection of your little one’s personality and, since your munchkin is one-of-a-kind, their room should also be unique. The tricky part, however, is that children’s rooms are multipurpose rooms, which are used for sleeping, playing and learning. So, while you’re trying to create a fun space that your child will enjoy, you must not neglect its practicality and functionality. Here are some ideas on how to achieve all of it.

Safety Comes First

Depending on your child’s age, there are certain safety measures you should consider. These include anything from cool lights and window guards, to socket covers and smoke alarms. Make sure to eliminate as many potential hazards as possible. That way you won’t have to worry while your child is playing in their room.

Practicality Follows

A pirate ship bedroom is every boy’s dream come true. But, before you even notice, your boy will grow into a teenager and his interests will move on from pirates and treasure hunts. For this reason, less pretentious solutions are far more practical. As far as your kids are concerned, a colourful rug in the middle of the room is all they need. Their imagination will do the rest. So, stick to d├ęcor and design elements that are easily removed or replaced once your little one outgrows them. A tent in the corner of the room makes an excellent hideaway, and you can take it down in five minutes. Throw in a beanbag, which your kids will appreciate even at older age. Choose neutral colours for the walls and furniture, and add colour with details. Look for colourful curtains or blinds in online stores and make a fun pattern or a strong contrast to the walls.

Learning is Fun

Toys and play are not just for fun. They’re an essential part of a child’s development. When buying toys for your kids, make sure they’re appropriate for their age and that they stimulate creativity, and cognitive and motor skills. Cover one wall with chalkboard paint and let your little ones find their inner artists. Are you raising a little explorer? Then they will love a world map wallpaper. Foster a love of reading with your children by creating a cosy reading nook. Books will take them on impossible adventures and help them develop their imagination. All you need to do is display them on open lower shelves and keep their favourites within reach. Place the nook close to a window or install a reading lamp, to protect you kids’ eyesight.

Teach Them Organization

Make sure to provide enough storage space in the children’s room to stash away the mountains of toys and teach your kids from an early age to put them back when they’re done playing. Turn it into a game. If the kids don’t see it as an obligation, it will be more appealing to them. To make the game even more fun, mix up the containers, teaming up boxes, baskets, and drawers. Use boxes of different colours and let your little ones guess if the cars go into the red, yellow, or green box. When they are a bit older, put pictures of toys on the containers and tell them to match the toy with the picture. And when they learn to read, replace pictures with words.
Author bio:
Zoe Clark is a mom of one baby girl, DIY and home design enthusiast. Since decor is her passion, she is always trying to use it for learning and playing with her daughter.


  1. Such a lovely article! These ideas are so inspiring. I especially loved the ideas regarding various use of light and lighting fixtures in creating a magical atmosphere in kid's room :)

  2. Well, this is one gorgeous article... I especially like learning is fun part of it :)

  3. Zoe, I just love your interior solutions. The reading corner here is my favourite. Keep up the good work.