Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Influencing the Creativity of the Child Through Drawing today.

Edda from Homesthetics is guest posting on the blog. The question is how do you influence your child to create through drawing. Thank you Edda for the great ideas and for your first guest spot on Happily Ever Rushed.


Influencing the Creativity of the Child Through Drawing Today

For centuries art has shaped humanity for the better, being a factor of immense importance in the development of the mind, of the beautiful and in the well-being of the individual. This affects us all, it soothes the mind of the adult, it emphasizes the development of child, it transforms the educative process creatively. The effects of drawing and coloring today are not recognized by schools all around the world today yet the few that do have confirmed repeatedly times the results of numerous studies: art emphasizes the development of the young mind as it plays a crucial role in the development of cognitive, physical and social skills of the little one.

The impact of artistically actions in child development is immense and in the following rows we will go through a few ideas that will highlight their relevance. It is utterly important for one to encourage the little one in pursuing this activities,  questions like “what to draw ?” should never arise as everything that surrounds us can be put under an educative, fun light to help the little one. More details on the effects, after the break.

Motor Skills Development
The movement realized by one`s hand in drawing and sketching naturally creates a connection between the imagination of the individual and reality, bringing the super realm closer to them, emphasizing their creativity and imagination, encouraging one to pursue his dreams.
In this beautiful, simple act the coordination between one`s mind and hand, the connection between pencil or paintbrush and hand tightens, things start to naturally fine tune towards an ideal balance that in life will develop into coordination, intuition and naturalness in movement.
Language Skills Development
Sketching, drawing and painting are great moments for the little one, especially if you draw with them, if you help them portray what they envision, these are moments in which they become communicative and a really strong bond is created.
At a young age the child will do his best to explain his making, his drawing, it offer details about a story that led to the drawing and he will naturally develop his language skill indirectly;  you as a parent will have the opportunity present shapes and color in an educative seamless manner through drawing by his side. Be there for them.
Making Decision

Art is more than meets the eye and the process might have a bigger effect that one would think on a child as the tinkering with color, lines and shapes helps the enfant make decision. Very soon he`ll choose what paper to use, what colors and what to draw. Multiple sources of inspiration can help him but in no way he should be overwhelmed by the quantity of information. Make him a consumer of the art environment, learn him about the necessary beauty in our world and lead them away from the mass consumerism that devours children these days; drawing, coloring are remedies.09-Learn-How-to-Draw-a-Butterfly-on-a-Flower-Cartoon-Scene-Step-by-Step-Tutorial

Conceptualize and Shapes

At a certain point the child starts to show an interest in the realistic component of his drawings. At an age of only three a kid that draws often will want to represent his family. This drawing will look funnily enough to be framed or at least sit on the fridge forever. The connection between reality and imagination at this point is being realized at a concept level. The little one will use lines and circles to materializes what he imagines and this is a great moment, one that needs encouragement and support as the ability to conceptualize talks very much about life, the life of an adult as much as the child`s.
How often do we simplify the task and schedule in our lives only to take a grasp at the bigger picture, to have the impressions of control in ensemble? This conceptualizing process is at a smaller scale the thought process through which indirectly the child is going through. This becomes a crucial skill in life and drawing through various step by step processes can help in this endeavor a great deal. Showing a child how he can transform two circles into an owl is for him, at that point, like showing him a door towards the future.
Serve his appetite for knowledge and nourish his creativity, his imagination, the results will be beyond belief.

Photo courtesy to Homesthetics


  1. When my kids were small I had a wall with drawing paper taped across the wall so the kids could draw anything they wanted on it. I had crayons, color pencils or makers for them to us. I saved some of drawings because I could see over the years how their drawings change as they grew up.

  2. That is a great idea. Then you could possibly frame their work. Love this idea.