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How to Declutter Your Home before a Big Move.

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How To Declutter Your Home Before A Big Move
Moving home is an exciting, yet challenging journey in life. When moving home one of the biggest problems is having to pack all your items. Unfortunately, over the years many people tend to accumulate more than what they actually need resulting in a mountain of unneeded clutter that they don’t really need to take with them. So how do you declutter your home so you don’t have to move so much? For those about to embark on their new life in a new home, these expert tips will give you some ideas on how to declutter your home before a big move.
Best Ways To Declutter Your Home Ready For Moving
  1. Work On One Room At A Time
When decluttering your home, it’s important to work on one room at a time. Decluttering one room at a time will help to keep you organized and will help you to keep track of where you are during the sorting period. If you do multiple rooms at a time, it will only cause you to waste time and energy having to search through items over again. Once one room is done, you can then move onto the next room. A good tip to remember is to tackle the smaller rooms first such as bathrooms and bedrooms before moving onto the larger areas such as kitchens, storage cupboards etc.
  1. Give One Or Two Item Away Per Day
If you’re feeling uneasy about offloading a lot of items all at once, work on giving one or two item away a day leading up to the move. This will enable to you declutter in a much slower way which won’t be as overwhelming for you if you’re struggling.
  1. Trash and Donate Boxes
Not all items are classified as trash, this is where you can donate any items you don’t need but think others will. When decluttering, it’s a good idea to have two boxes, one for trash and the other for donating. Place the trash or items to throw away in the trash box and anything like clothing, toys, book etc can be donated to your local charity centre. Keeping yourself to this scheme will help you to declutter in a more organized fashion while also cleaning the house as well.
  1. Try The Closet Hanger Experiment
This experiment was first seen on the Oprah Winfrey show. A few months leading up to your move you place your clothes on hangers and turn the hangers the opposite way in the wardrobe. Over the next few months when you wear clothes from the hangers, upon placing them back into the cupboard, turn the hangers the right way. Before you move you’ll get an indication of what clothes you don’t need or aren’t wearing. These clothes can be given away or donated to a good cause.
  1. The Yearly Rule
The yearly rule is simple, if you haven’t seen it or used it in a year you don’t need it. This is a great rule when you have a cupboard full of items that you want to declutter. If you haven’t used something or seen it in longer than a year, then it’s more reason to get rid of it.
Decluttering your home before a big move can be a daunting challenge, however by taking these tips into consideration you have a better chance of making the move more successful. So have you tried any of these tips yet?

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