Wednesday, December 14, 2016

7 Tips for a Better Spring Clean: From Mould to Skip Bin Hire

Oliva is here today to talk about Skip Bin Hire - these are some really great ideas on Spring Cleaning.  So once the winter is over these ideas will really help. Thank you Olivia for your post.

Skip Bin Hire

Spring is all about renewal and rebirth. It is the time to give your house a thorough cleaning to get rid of mould, mildew as well as dust which has collected over time. It is also about adding freshness and making the indoors as pretty as the outdoors are getting as a result of spring.

Spring cleaning is a massive challenge regardless of the size of your home as it goes beyond the normal dusting, mopping, vacuuming or even scrubbing. As it is such a momentous undertaking it is good to start with a plan as to how it will be undertaken. You should list out each room and then list out the tasks to be undertaken in each of the rooms like cleaning of the walls, the treatment for windows, the baseboards, cleaning under and behind furniture, and much more. Consider skip bin hire services to dispose of waste effectively. To help you out further, here are 7 tips on handling spring cleaning:

  1. Make sure you have all the stuff needed including the different kinds of supplies well in advance, to avoid wasting time acquiring it later during the cleaning process. You will need more than all purpose cleaners. You will require specialized cleaners like those for polishing silver, wood oil, oven cleaners and more.  Microfiber cloths are the best when it comes to dusting. Mops which have a refillable head which is machine washable should be used. Coffee filters can be used for cleaning windows.
  2. This is a great time to de-clutter your home. You should set up different boxes or bags, one for articles that need to be kept, one for those that need to be thrown away, the third for those that need to be donated and the fourth that needs to be sold. However, giving them away or throwing them could take ages even after segregation. At such a juncture you could think of skip bin hire services. These services provide with pick up and drop delivery of skip bins hire at your convenient time. These bins are huge, sturdy and durable bins that could be used to dispose all your waste.
  3. You should consider getting help if you feel the task is too overwhelming. Have kids focus on their rooms and help out. If there are very young children, they can help you dust baseboards. If you offer your friends free food, they will help you with your cleaning as well. If you can afford it, you can get a maid service to assist you.

Bin Hire

  1. When spring cleaning, use the top down approach. You should start with the ceiling. Dust it and clean it, remove moulding and the light fixtures, then you need to wipe the walls, dust the pictures, clean the windows, sanitize the light switches and doors and then move to the furniture. The closets need to be cleaned before the floor.
  2. You should speed up spring cleaning by looking for shortcuts. You can spot clean carpets instead of the entire thing. You can use the hose to wash the outside of the windows and you can use a hand held steamer when you want to clean the curtains.
  3. When you are spring cleaning the pantry, don’t just wipe and put back jars, bottles and boxes. They need to be cleaned inside out thoroughly and whatever is expired or past it’s used by date should be tossed out. The same goes for the medicine cabinets as well as the bathroom storage areas. Cosmetics too need to be chucked out even though there are no expiration dates. Liquid based ones can even harbor bacteria and so they should be thrown out post 6 months. Usually make up should not be kept longer than 3 years.
  4. There are many appliances and maintenance stuff which needs to be taken care of as well. The roof needs inspection, the sidings need to be checked and the air conditioning and caulking of windows need to be seen too as well.


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