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The Challenges of Homeschooling: Smart Home Adaptations That Make a Huge Impact

Leila Dorari is here to explain and help the the challenges of Homeschooling. Here are some great ideas to make this process a bit easier.

There are various reasons why people decide to homeschool their children. Apart from dedication and
preparation, there are also practical issues to overcome. If you feel that your child does not benefit from the
schooling system and you want to tailor the curriculum to their needs, you will not give up only because you
lack space. You can adapt your home to fit the new purpose.

Think about the layout

Decide whether you want to have a designated area for teaching or you prefer to do it throughout the house.
Homeowners who have absolutely no way of coming up with space for this purpose solely, usually divide the
process into stages and different rooms. However, if you can, create a classroom. You still switch locations if
you think it is beneficial, but there should be something children can relate to a working environment. It should
not be as serious and strict as it sounds, but simply a place of focus and discipline.

Choose the best location
Most people will use an extra room or a playroom for this purpose. However, if you do not have one, you can
repurpose a room you can live without. This is why people have been using storages, pantries, dining rooms
and garages as homeschooling classrooms. If again, you are one of the people mentioned above who truly lack
space, you should make your kitchen into the main area. It is the only room in your house suited and prepared
to take on any types of projects. You have a table so you can write, draw and make art. Turn a corner of your
lounge into a library. Create a comfortable reading area and fill some shelves with appropriate books. Bear in
mind that most children prefer laying or sitting on a floor while reading, rather than sitting in a chair.

The right furniture

There is no such thing as the right furniture. The type and scale of it should depend on space you have available.
If you are homeschooling more than one child, it may be a good idea for them to have their individual desks.
Alternatively, you should have a table big enough to fit them all and they do not have to fight for space.
However, the creative projects are better done in a group, so you probably want to have a table you can
all sit around to inspire and help each other. Smart storage solutions are actually the most important part
of the furniture here, particularly if your room has a shared purpose, e.g. the kitchen. Utilize your walls by
hanging white/blackboards and posters. Use them to hang shelves. Now, pay attention to what you keep on
these shelves as your children may not be tall enough to reach it. Use narrow tall standing shelves to make use
of the vertical space while keeping out of the center of the room. Your children will easily reach the bottom
shelves and get what they need. You can use desks with shelves and tops that open up for storage.

Construction and d├ęcor

If you have an unfinished room or a storage area not suitable for spending a lot of time in, touch it up a bit to
accommodate the classroom. These rooms are usually garages, basements, and attics. Renovation Services can
help you tackle bigger projects such as insulation, ventilation and heating, wiring and flooring. If this is too
costly, discover the ways of insulating on your own. The best and the quickest alternative to laying floorboards,
is laying a carpet. Use any strange corners or nooks to fit storage. Make narrow built-in shelves and cupboards
for your books and supplies.

How about the colors?

The colors of your classroom should be light and bright. Use a light or a neutral color for the walls. Pretty much
all of your books and teaching props will be colorful so you need something to balance it out. Stay away from
using too much red or yellow. They can not only energize your children, which can be distracting, but can also
evoke aggression. I am not saying that your children will get into a fight, but you do not want them bickering,
either. Green will help you keep them relaxed, confident and active. Make sure the room gets a lot of natural
light, alternatively make it well-lit for the cloudy days.

You need to create space which will inspire your children to learn. Regardless of the size and the number of
things you have in the room, you have to make it clutter-free. Being well organized and having designated
space for each item will help you do so. Clutter increases stress levels and while I am pretty sure your children
would not define themselves as stressed-out, they will find it hard to focus.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Tips to Choose the Best Glass Pool Tiles for Your Property

Lauren Bracy is sharing the ideas on the best types of Glass tiles for your pool. It may be winter but planning ahead for your summer season is very important. Check out these great tips.

Do you own a swimming pool in your property? If yes is what you say, then you will have to think
about the best glass pool tiles that you should install. You will have to look out for a few options
and types to make sure you buy something which makes your pool look elegant and clean always.
Irrespective of whether you wish to install tiles around the pool or inside there is much that you
will have to first consider before making any purchases. This selection will make your pool a talk in the
neighborhood for sure. See to it that you only buy something which is good and well suited.

Before making a purchase, you will have to follow a few tips and analyze everything so that you end
up buying tiles which is the best for your pool. Mentioned below are some tips which will be helpful
for you.

1.)    Make a budget

According to analysis, it is important that you look at all your needs and make a budget plan. You will
then know how much money you will have to spend on the purchases of the glass pool tiles. When
you have a proper budget set you can know the type of tiles you can invest into and how much money
you will want to spend on its installations. Setting up a budget can help you buy things which are well
suited for your property without investing much in its purchases and installations. Make sure you
buy tiles which are also very easy to maintain.

2.)    Location

Another aspect which you will have to decide on is the location of installing the tiles. This will make a
very big difference when you must purchase the glass pool tiles. You should analyze whether to install
the tiles inside the pool or at the area outside. It is not enough to just tile your pool, but you should
also take care of the looks of the space outside the pool. It is essential that you install tiles which are
slip resistant so that you can be away from all fatal injuries. Make sure you research well and if you
still have doubts you get along with some professional advice on the same. This will make things very
simple for you.

3.)    Cleaning

Make sure you buy glass pool tiles which are easy to maintain and clean as well. You will certainly
not want to invest more in buying special cleaners and detergents to clean the tiles. Thus, it is
suggested that you first look at the variety of tiles available and then make a purchase of something
that is simply the best. While you buy you should inquire about its cleaning to the seller. If required,
you can also take up the online video manual to know how to keep the pool tiles clean always.
This consideration will be very important because you would never want it to look dirty and shabby.

4.)    Safety and guarantee

Make sure you only look out for slip-resistant glass pool tiles for inside as well as outside of the pool
area. This promises safety and you can also be assured if you have kids or pets moving around near
the pool. Try looking out for ones which offer a guarantee. It would be expensive if you keep buying
tiles which are minimal priced and low in quality. It is suggested that you buy the ones which are
high-quality and reasonably priced because it can help you save money which might otherwise be
spent on regular alterations and changes.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Home Alone: 5+ Elegant Ways To Childproof Your New Home

Leila Dorari has some ways to elegantly childproof your new home. There are many ways to keep your babies safe, here are a few.

When you are a parent to a baby or a toddler, you are constantly on the alert worrying about their well-being.
However, many people neglect the safety issues of their own homes. According to the experts, it is a greater
possibility for children at the age of 1- 4 to experience drowning, choking, poisoning, or falling than to be victims
of stranger’s violence. For this reason, you should approach the childproofing seriously. It’s a process of
providing your little ones with the safe environment by identifying and eventually eliminating potential hazards
in the household. In case you have recently bought a new house, this should be the top priority thing on your
moving check list.

First things first

As some of the hazards can easily be overlooked in an unfamiliar setting, it would be better to start childproofing
before even thinking about taking loads of boxes and furniture inside your new home.
First of all, check all electrical outlets around the house. They mustn’t be loose, and you should install safety
covers on them. This will keep your child from any electricity related accident.
If your new home is multi-story house, then stairs are a serious risk for very young children. Put safety gates on
both stair ends to keep children from climbing the stairs.
As window blinds have strings that pose a serious strangling risk, all curtains and blinds should be out of
baby’s reach. However, there is a possibility of installing cordless blinds, too. The windows should also be
secured with window guards to avoid any possible risk of baby falling out.
Even though you hope you are never going to use them, it is still highly recommended to strategically place
fire extinguishers around the house. Installing smoke detectors is another great fire safety measure.
However, you should check their batteries every once in a while to be sure they work properly.
When it comes to moving process itself, it’s best for children not to be present as they can get in the way and
possibly get hurt. Safe moving means happy moving. Therefore, you’d better had it done while they’re in
school or with a babysitter.

Childproof room by room

Once you have finally moved in, it’s high time you made your new home a safe place for children to grow and
develop. In order to investigate it thoroughly, try seeing things from their perspective. This implies crawling
around the house and careful inspection of every single corner in every single room.

Nursery room

Suffocation is the number one cause of deaths in infants. On that account, the crib has to be free of any kind
of toys. Likewise, you are supposed to put your baby on its back when putting it to sleep in order to decrease
the risk of suffocation. In case your child likes escaping the crib, it would be smart to place a thick carpet to
secure the fall from it.


The most dangerous place for a baby or a toddler is the bathtub. Bearing this in mind you should never leave your child unattended, not even for a minute. Accidents can happen in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, make sure you place anti-slippery mats around the bathroom to prevent falls. The medicine cabinet should be locked and out of child’s reach.


This might be the most hazardous room in your home as there are many sharp objects, cooking appliances and
poisonous chemicals. If installing a safety gate isn’t an option due to kitchen arrangement, other measures
should be taken. For instance, it is recommended to put a knob cover on the stove so it doesn’t get turned on
by accident. If you are like most of the people who keep the cleaning detergents under the sink, make sure you
protect your child from poisoning by locking the cabinet. Besides, remember locking the cabinets containing
cutlery and plates to prevent your child getting cut.

Living Room

As much as you might think that living room is a safe space, there are a lot of hazards too. For example,
children can easily tip over the TV, which makes a wall mount a clever childproof solution. Furthermore, secure
any possible bookcases to the wall since they are very heavy and dangerous. Numerous furniture means a lot of
sharp edges, so you had better childproof them and not let your baby get hurt.  Remote controls
have batteries which if swallowed can pose a serious health risk for a baby. Keep them somewhere high and
out of reach.

Since the statistics on the household accidents resulting in injuries or even death are devastating, childproofing
should be taken seriously. Whit that in mind, investigate and eliminate the potential hazards and provide your
child safe place to learn and grow.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Top 5 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

Kate is here to share 5 tips for a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy. These are some really great tips to keeping up during this important time. Thanks for the tips Kate.

Pregnant Woman Wearing Marled Gray Sweater Touching Her Stomach
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To help guarantee a happy and healthy pregnancy for you and your baby, I have
compiled some great tips in this post. Before I go ahead, I recommend you to take
an accurate digital pregnancy test and confirm with your doctor that you are pregnant.
As some women are struggles to get pregnant, it is important to make sure your body
is geared towards this process. These ways are some small life changes you should
consider before you choose to be pregnant. In the case that you are now pregnant,
essentially make sure you are following all these tips:
1. Remain Happy and Active.
Exercise is great for moms to-be, as well as for their creating babies. Consistency is
the key here, as studies have demonstrated that ladies who practice at a similar rate
all through their pregnancies have bigger and healthier placentas. Why is that essential? All things considered, the volume of the placenta is a general marker of its capacity to transport oxygen and supplements to your infant. Research has additionally demonstrated that practicing amid pregnancy can profit both a mother's heart and her building up child's heart. Not only this, exercise releases ‘feel good’ hormones which make you feel happy and more energetic during your pregnancy.
So what kind of action would it be a good idea for you to do? In case you're having an
ordinary, solid pregnancy you can keep on doing pretty much any activity that you
appreciate, as long as you take after the most imperative guideline: tune in to your
body. In the event that something doesn't feel right, don't do it.
(Keep in mind: pregnancy isn't an ideal opportunity to set any individual records
or run any marathons.)
2. Don’t Take Any Toxins.
Lessening toxins in your body during your pregnancy is imperative for the strength
of you and your little one.

Food and Drink: The most straightforward approach to stay away from toxins is to
eat genuine nourishment (natural however much as could reasonably be expected).
Additionally, stay away from BPA and try to decrease any canned food.
Personal Care Products: Avoid utilizing any item that rundowns "aroma" or "parfum"
as a fixing. Fortunately, numerous items are currently scented with regular basic oils.
Cleaning: Use normal cleaning items or make your own. These incorporate vinegar,
basic oils, preparing pop, and Castile cleanser.
3. Eat Whole-grains.
As a rule, pick natural nourishments at whatever point possible. Go for a very much
adjusted eating regimen comprising of sufficient protein, solid fats, and products of the
soil. Make sure to incorporate a lot of verdant green vegetables, since they are
stacked with folate, a B vitamin. It's critical to take note of that there you must prefer
getting your folate from genuine food sources instead of preserved nourishments,
refreshments and dietary supplements.  
4. Rest well.
During pregnancy, your body needs rest to restore energy and it's critical to keep away
from excess stress which reduces essential energy. Pregnant ladies frequently require a
few more hours of rest in their initial three months of pregnancy. Try to rest and rest
whenever you can. On the off chance that you can get a 15-minute rest amid the day,
you'll see that you're significantly more casual when night comes. Likewise, when you
get in bed to rest and find that you can't calm down, attempt to discover a relaxing
procedure that works for you. A few thoughts: perusing before resting, intervention,
or tuning in to music.
5. Right mindset is important.

Through chiropractic theory, we figure out how to regard the body's regular plan and
capacity in all procedures—including pregnancy and birth. This is so vital to recall,
that our bodies are smart and pregnancy is a characteristic procedure, NOT a condition
or ailment. Trust in your own body's capacity to finish this mind boggling
Hope you liked these tips. Comment below if you have more interesting ideas.
Happy Pregnancy! ☺
Author Bio:

Kate Elizabeth is mother of 3 kids. She likes working with new moms and women
that are expecting babies. She has been blogging about pregnancy and gives great
advice to the women that are expecting or struggling get a baby. She likes going to
the beach on weekends and playing volleyball with her family. Read her latest posts

Monday, December 25, 2017

5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Home

Faith McGregor is here to share some resolutions for your home! She has the coveted Christmas day guest spot. Check out some of her great ideas.

Every New Year gives us an opportunity to think about our lives and make assessments of all the things that
happened in the year we left behind. Additionally, this is the time to make new plans and focus on what
we can improve in the future. Therefore, we are absolutely sure that you’ve already created your own
list of New Year’s resolutions. However, we have one more thing you might want to add to
that list – I’ll improve my home and bring a breath of fresh air into it. Sounds good? Let’s take a look
at some of the ideas that we’ve prepared for you.

Go for bolder colours

Once the New Year arrives, it’ll be time for you to say goodbye to all those boring and plain colours of the
previous year, and decorate your home with some bolder nuances. So, instead of sticking to monochromatic
colour schemes and muted shades, go crazy and try out some of the more vivid colours which are included
in the new Pantone’s Fashion Colour Trend Report. Although the focus here is on fashion, these same colours
can be applied to interior design as well. Of course, you don’t have to paint your whole bedroom in
Lime Punch; instead, you can go for an accent wall in this shade which will break the monotony and
make your bedroom look much livelier. Additionally, you can achieve the same effect by adding accessories
to your home design including interestingly-patterned vases and pillows in crazy shades.

Create a corner just for you

Another great decision would be creating your own corner in the house. Just imagine having a nice
reading nook near one of the windows. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Of course it does! You just need to
place a cosy sofa next to your window and decorate it with soft accent pillows. Additionally, you can go
green and add some houseplants as well. Not only will they make your corner truly special, but they
will also purify the air, enriching it with oxygen. Finally, remove all electronic devices from this corner
and thus turn it into a true oasis of peace.

Keep your house clean

A decision to make a good plan which will help you keep your home clean is probably one of the most
popular New Year’s resolutions. Therefore, we’ve decided to give you some useful advice on this topic.
First of all, determine what your daily duties are. So, instead of allowing your dishes to pile up, put them
in the dishwasher after every meal. Furthermore, make sure that every time when you take off a piece of
clothing, you either put it in a closet or in a hamper instead of just leaving it on the floor. Once you master
these daily tasks, determine your weekly cleaning schedule and try to stick to it. Of course, if you have
a family, you should divide the job among yourselves, which will allow you to finish everything much faster.

Make your home staycation friendly

Instead of paying for all these expensive vacation resorts, make your home staycation friendly and
spend some amazing time with your friends and family. For example, you can install
one of the amazing fibreglass swimming pools and make your house the talk of the town.
They are particularly popular since fibreglass can resist algae growth, which makes maintenance
much easier. On top of that, their construction can be finished rather quickly and there is no danger
of corrosion. Furthermore, you can hang a comfortable hammock next to it and enjoy a poolside
afternoon snooze. Finally, think about introducing an outdoor kitchen where you and your family
can have barbecue and throw crazy house parties.

No space should be wasted

Finally, think of the best way to make a good use of all the rooms in your house, including your attic and
basement. For example, your husband may want to have his own man cave where he can hang out with
his buddies and play pool. So, instead of depriving him of this enjoyment, help him renovate your basement
and decorate it according to his own liking. Or, if your daughter’s room is not big enough for popular pyjama
parties with her friends, make some space on the attic for such purposes. We guarantee that she will
absolutely love you for that.
As you can see, there are so many things that you can do to improve your living space and make it
absolutely inviting and enjoyable. We’ve mentioned some of the ideas, but you should feel free to
experiment further and come up with some more. Good luck!