Thursday, January 12, 2017

Perfectly Posh review

  Have you heard of  Perfectly Posh Pampering products. The truth is, I LOVE it. The Company, the support, the products, the people. All of it. It is the truth. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions are my own. I actually loved it so much. I am now a consultant.

I am the believer in a good PIN on Pinterest. I have a page dedicated on how to make extra money on the side, to pay off bills, to work at home. If it is talked about or an option, I probably have it pinned. But ideas can still come from an unexpected source. My aunt sent me some samples, talked to me about the company and though I was hesitant I joined.  As they say; She Tried, She loved, She joined.

The truth is I finally found the balance I needed. A way to make extra money and not take more time away from my family. My first 3 parties were awesome and I was able to pay off a hospital bill that sat over my head for a year. 

So finally I made progress, I could breath easier. It was motivation. Posh is what YOU make of it. It is how hard you want to work, the time you want to spend. But I will tell you this. The support you get from your Sponsor and the company will warm your heart. I would never have imagined the kind people you meet as customer's that fall in love with the products or the consultants that share their ideas. My husband after we paid off that bill and have already started chunking off pieces of our next bill was made to be a believer. 

He supports my Posh business and even helps me when he can. He also started using some of the soaps and he loves it! 

There are so many things about Posh that I would like to share: 

  • The company was founded in October 2011
  • Everything is made in the USA
  • Everything is under $25
  • Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, Cruelty- Free, Mineral oil- free, Lanolin- Free
  • The use natural ingredients that are good for your skin
  • Cruelty Free
  • Lots of Vegan options

Perfectly Posh products are really amazing, good for your skin and the theory behind Perfectly Posh is that you deserve to be pampered. So take those 10-15 minutes and Pamper yourself. I have officially stopped using baby wipes to clean my face. Once I tried the products I was hooked and now I actually notice a difference. I am happy. I am finally working my way out of debt doing something I am loving. 

I will answer any of your questions about Posh. I will tell you what I made. I will tell you how I do it. You sign up to join my team, I will be there and support you like I have been supported. what do you have to lose? 

If you have $99 then you have a dream maker - Ask me questions. I will make you a believer.

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