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Tips on Selecting the Best Bathroom Benchtops

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Tips on Selecting the Best Bathroom Benchtops

If you are seeking a bathroom countertop – generally known as a vanity top – seek something that can easily bear acetone-based liquids, alcohol, cosmetics, toothpaste, soap, and water.  Changing a benchtop is an easy job because you do not require changing the entire cabinet if you don’t wish to. 
Things to Keep in Mind While Seeking Bathroom Benchtops 
When you consider everything the bathroom countertop has to manage, you'll need to know the significance of having a surface which is easy to clean and strong enough.  Things employed on the countertop that can significantly affect the duration of a countertop consist of dyes, moisture, cleaning products, cosmetics, toiletries, hair straighteners and hairdryers and so much more.  Besides a sensible bathroom benchtop, you also need something that seems good with the entire decoration of the bathroom. 
What are the choices for Bathroom Benchtops
Some of the most common options that are available in the market are –
  • Marble and Granite: Though granite and marble are unparalleled for their splendor, these standard materials deserve careful consideration.  Also, marble blots easily, and granite removes most marks and blemishes, except grease, particularly if the granite is open.  If a strong stone sheet for your benchtop is not affordable for you, then you can think about choosing marble or granite. 
  • Engineered Stone: It is also called as reconstituted stone or composite stone.  These countertops are manufactured by mixing glass, marble, granite, or quartz with a polymer resin.  Engineered stone is defiant to acid, scratching, staining, and chipping. 
  • Solid Surface: These types of benchtops provide most of the benefits of a stone with some disadvantages.  Shed from an acrylic-resin that comprises crushed stone sometime—mainly quartz—solid-surface objects require less preservation and are very resilient.  Heavy falling and Intense heat objects can lead to damage, however minor burns, abrasions, and scratches can be fixed with good quality of sandpaper.  The tools and methods required for this object are same as to those needed for woodworking.  But, some makers need that a skilled professional set up their materials. 
  • Laminate: It is a good option for those who have limited budget but it is also considered as a versatile option.  But, remember that would not be a good choice for damp areas because, dampness may lead the laminate to raise over time. 
  • Wood: As a benchtop surface, wood is easy to install, versatile, and attractive option.  But, it is particularly susceptible to water dent, as well as its porosity makes it hard to stay clean.  All softwood and hardwood objects have to be well conserved with marine or polyurethane varnish.  Special attention should be taken to close around the rims of plumbing furniture so that standing water cannot go in and lead the wood to decay. Maple-butcher block is a famous benchtop material in the bathroom and kitchens. Accessible in different widths, butcher block is thicker as compared to vanity tops; therefore, for installing it you may require modifying your plumbing connections. 
  • Tile: Since, it is good for both walls and floors, ceramic-tile makes a durable, and attractive surface for bathroom benchtops.  It comes with different textures, patterns, and shades.  Grout lines that catch dust and support mold are a big setback, though new sealers and grouts help ease these conditions to some level.  Obtaining professional outcomes with the tile is tough, for people who prefer to use it as benchtop.  A slightly asymmetrical look can be apt for unglazed quarry, and rustic tile, however many other tile ranges insist greater meticulousness.  With the use of pregrouted tile-sheets, or mosaic tile sheet on a mesh backing makes it simpler to space them equally.
So, those were some of the vital tips you can keep in your mind when you selecting the best bathroom benchtops.
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