Friday, April 14, 2017

5 Stylish Ways to Make the Most out of Your Small Backyard

Chloe Taylor is here on the blog today to share her ideas on 5 Stylish ways to make the most of your small backyard. This is great timing as Spring is finally in the air and its time to get outside. Thanks Chloe!


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It is not about the space you have, but it’s what you do with it that really counts. Sure, everyone at some point dreamed of having one of those gardens you usually see in the movies about the Versailles, but in reality, 99 percent of backyards are hardly big enough for a small pool or a barbecue deck. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dream of creating the most beautiful garden in the entire neighborhood. With this in mind, here are five stylish ways to make the most out of your small backyard.
  1. Hanging planters

The idea of a lack of space is one that is quite relative. Why? Because most people won’t bother to stop for a second and think a bit outside of the box. Think about this for instance, while the ground level of your backyard is completely crowded, the walls of your patio may be standing there completely empty. Why not green them up by adding a few hanging planters to the mix. The best thing about them is that they add a bit of color to your home as well, while still leaving a lot of empty space beneath. This way, everyone wins.
  1. Expansion of interior

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Sometimes walls, windows and glass doors are just there to create a barrier inside of your mind. However, you don’t have to allow this to stop you. All you need to do is mix things up a bit and continue using the same colors, patterns and motifs outside as you did indoors. Overall, this will make your garden look as the extended part of your living room, bathroom or even kitchen and thus appear significantly larger. This also helps make your entire property appear as a single homogenous entity.
  1. Make a patio

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In order to add a bit of functionality to your garden, you may want to make a patio in your garden. This doesn’t have to be anything too fancy or space consuming. All you really need is enough room for a single table and a few chairs or a sofa. This way, you can invite your friends outside and turn your backyard into an alternative living room. As for the floor, this is where you will have a choice to make. You can either go with a wooden deck or with a concrete one. While the first option can look particularly nice, according to what can be seen at Geostone, going with concrete gives you more options.
  1. Stacking planters

As we already discussed, when there is no room to expand outward, you can always go up. One of the ways to do so is by stacking your planters in a pyramidal shape by placing a big one at the bottom and then gradually moving upwards with smaller ones. This alone is something that can make your garden completely unique, just make sure to plan everything out before purchasing planters. They don’t necessarily have to be in the same style, only to stack well together.
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  1. Mini shed

Finally, no matter how small it is, every garden needs proper maintenance and maintenance requires adequate tools. Consequently, this means that you will need a tool shed somewhere in your backyard. Seeing how you don’t have that much room, you will have to think about something small. Luckily, this still gives you so many different ideas to go with and some have even gone so far as to make their shed particularly appealing. There are those who painted it red and white in order for it to represent a phone booth, then again some went as far as to make a life-sized Tardis (from Doctor Who) out of their shed.
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As you can see, the lack of space can never stand in the way of a truly great idea. However, in order to unleash your full potential, you will have to go above and beyond in your research and preparation stage. Sure, this may be a lot of effort, but it is an investment that always pays off in the end. When it comes to your backyard, the only thing that matters is how it makes you feel. Here, the size is not a factor.

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