Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tips for Choosing Quality Handmade Furniture for your Home

Melissa Hamler is on the blog again today and sharing her tips on choosing quality handmade furniture for your home. She has great tips with this article. Thanks Melissa for the great ideas.


Handmade furniture can show your elegance and through this handmade furniture, you can also customize your design according to your home d├ęcor.  You can pick from a range of furniture that includes chairs, tables, sofas, etc. As the name indicates these pieces are all about being handcrafted that gives you the benefit of a fine finish and also quality products. When you choose the handmade furniture for your home, you need to check the experience level of the artisan and then you need to check their previous work also. Apart from that, with the handmade furniture, you have full freedom of choice and you can choose the best materials for your home.  

Tips for choosing handmade furniture:

  • Price and affordability:

Hand-crafted or handmade furniture is all about the price and the first thing you should compare the price of different furniture designers. It does not mean that handmade furniture is an expensive deal, but there is some handmade furniture available designed with antique styles and engraved with some royal designs which are really expensive. Many wholesalers out there make these pieces in bulk. In addition, the price of the furniture depends on the kind of carving or finish you are opting for. The idea is to get something that is affordable. If you choose some exclusive handmade furniture then you may need to spend little extra amount, but for simple designs, you can easily buy this furniture at a low cost.

  • Finishes and designs of the handmade furniture:

Price is something that is based on many factors, including the finish. The handmade furniture finish is one of the most vital things to consider here. In some cases, people prefer unfinished wood or a more rugged finish because it is hand-crafted. These crafted designs and engraving are basically done by craftsmen and they work on a single piece of furniture for more than one month to make it attractive and unique. So, there will be some labor cost and you need to pay little extra for this unique piece of furniture.   

Handmade furniture and its artistic significance:

The finishing is a part of the legacy of handmade furniture. You can get a range of finishes that depends on the craftsman. For example, if you want carved, exquisite wooden pieces or Victorian furniture then you may have to pay higher.

  • Quality of wood - Any handmade furniture wouldn't give you the precise finish without the right quality of wood. So, make sure that you go for teak or oak or similar wood categories that are durable and sustainable.

  • Craftsmanship -  The craftsmanship and the team of carpenters is important here and the right workmen can extend the life of the wood through a handcrafted furniture piece. The best of the craftsmen choose from Indigenous wood varieties that boast of a longer life and assured quality too. The longer the span or duration of the carving the more expensive the piece would be.

Second hand handmade furniture at affordable price:

There are a lot of options for getting handmade furniture that is second hand or rather brought from people who have already used it for a bit. In tis reference, it should be remembered that the quality of wood again the condition of the furniture should be examined first. But if you have a small budget then you can choose some simple handmade furniture made with hardwood, because second hand furniture can save your cost, but it will never give you any warranty.
So now you can decorate your home with some handmade furniture. During the finishes and polishing, craftsmen are now using some chemicals, and you must ensure that they should apply the toxin free solution for the same.  


  1. Handmade furniture is most assuredly the polar opposite of "affordable"... it's beautiful, though, and definitely worth it if you have pockets deep enough to actually afford it! :)

    Katie | Affordable Blinds

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