Sunday, June 18, 2017

Get the Perfect Finish for Your Deck or Patio with Frameless Glass

Lara Buck is here to guest host and share her ideas on how to get the perfect finish for your deck or your patio with Frameless glass.
These are such great ideas for your outdoor space!

Your glass balustrades will not look good, be it for the deck or the patio or any other outdoor zone, without the right finish. The wrong finish means that you would be able to see visible gaps in these balustrades that eventually become the hub of germ and dirt and even mold. Another factor is that without the right finish, aesthetics of your home would be ruined too. Hence, you need to make sure that you get the ideal finish. However, in this reference, a lot of designers prefer using frameless glass which give the right look without trying too hard.

Frameless Glass

Seamless finish

Indicative of the name, the frameless glass gives you a plethora of added benefits and features. For example, the first thing is that you get a seamless finish. And, because of this you are able to enjoy a clearer and crisper look. Having frames often leads to a lot of fitting issues. There are people who get wooden frames fitted here but the wrong installation only means issues with the complete look. Thanks to the seamless finish that you get here, you can be assured of finesse that is worth of many more looks.

Option to get frames fitted

Most people prefer getting these frameless glass balustrades because at the end of the day they want to keep the option of getting them fitted later. What happens here is that you get the flexibility to install frames later and thus change the look of your house whenever you want. It can be either metal or wood or any other material of your choice.

The feel of a bigger space

If you like to live large on smaller spaces, especially the balconies and decks with restricted moving areas, then these frameless glasses are ideal for you. As they are absolutely clear and frameless you get the feeling of continuity, which in turn helps your deck or patio appear bigger. With the use of these, the smaller balconies seem to be more spacious.

Frameless Glass


With these frameless glasses, there are plenty of options available when it comes to the designs. For example, you can easily go for a complete floor to raise balustrade that starts right at the floor. In other cases, you can get a few inches of stone or wood installed and then install the balustrades on them. Doing so gives you the dual advantage of using the space as a seating area and also brings more sturdiness to the area.

Durability and low maintenance

A lot of people are under the assumption and also worry about the safety of frameless glass. However, that is really not true. These glasses are very much safe and sturdy too. Although they are not the same as steel or iron but they do provide you with durability and sustainability. They are not prone to breakage. And, the low maintenance factor is an added bonus. For example, you can just clean the glass using simple soap water or even with a clean cloth. Moreover, they don’t scratch easily too.

All in all, with the frameless glass you are able to create a gorgeous appeal that helps to redefine the boundaries of your home. Do remember that you pick a durable style of glass and buy them from reputed vendors. They would not only manage the installation smoothly but ensure double safety. Considering that they are glass and not metal, being a little extra care would help to minimize the hassles of problematic fittings too.

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  1. It's true that with these frame less glasses, there are plenty of options available when it comes to the designs. Thanks for being an inspiration for all. You simply shared the wonderful ideas with us.