Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017 Bathroom Trends

Diana Smith is on the blog today to share some of the trends for your bathroom. Think about how much time you spend in your bathroom? Check out these great tips! 

Ready to refresh or maybe completely remodel your old bathroom? Firstly, you must get familiar with the latest trend in interior design. From chic and glamourous touches to the hardwood inspired looks, your new bathroom will have the modern and fresh ambient easily. Introduce roll-topped baths, modern wet rooms and so many more innovative elements into your trendy bathroom and get a true heaven on Earth precisely in your home.
A bit of shine and shimmer
If you’d like to introduce a bright and open feel to the bathroom, feel free to incorporate pale, glossy finishes. Not only will it add a dose of shine, but glossy mirrored surfaces will also make a huge difference boosting light levels and visually enlarging the space. Try to go for reflective wall panels and tiles, mirrored glass, and bath panels to add the light-enhancing factor to the space. Tiles in glossy finishes with large-format designs will perfectly enlarge the space. Wall-hung cabinets make an excellent addition to the modern bathroom. Thanks to the pull out storage, the bathroom will look contemporary in more ways than one, as a large mirrored glass over the sink creates the luxurious feel. When going for glossy finishes, it’s important to remember to choose the lighting wisely. Go for down lighter to shadow the surfaces and recess LEDs behind glass for soothing light.

Period fittings
Give your bathroom a sense of timeless elegance by choosing some of the vintage-inspired glamorous bathroom looks. Freestanding sculpted sanitary ware, roll-top baths, alongside classic brass fittings will introduce a touch of Victorian period in your home. With Art Deco-style designs, you could also implement a bit of Edwardian style and turn your bathroom into a vintage oasis of calmness. Add power showers to the Victorian touches and thanks to their eco-flushes and taps with ceramic washers, you’ll have no trouble creating the perfect balance between modern and vintage. Greens and blues would perfectly fit into the vintage Victorian style, while neutral greys can look equally good in Victorian and Edwardian bathrooms. Lay square black and white tiles in geometric pattern for the final Art-Deco feel. If you’re more of a delicate colour type, pastels will be the best choice.

Sensational showers
Get the gorgeous wet room in your bathroom and introduce a spa-like feel into your very own home. A walk-in shower provides you with a wonderfully indulgent bathroom, even though it’ll require you to do some extra building work. However, after you’ve built your relaxing wet room, you won’t need a raised shower tray anymore and provide more space to an otherwise cramped bathroom. What’s more, it’ll be equally convenient for people with limited mobility, as well as for children and the elderly thanks to the gently sloping floor. Materials as glass and chrome add a touch of light to the space as well as matching tiles and composite panels on walls and floor. Additionally, for those who’re remodelling on budget, wet rooms may seem too steep for them, so a frameless shower enclosure poses as the greatest alternative. Incorporate it with ultra-low-profile shower trays, and even the tiniest of space will seem more spacious. With this open look, you’ll feel more relaxed and enjoy the bathroom.

Natural look
Earthy elegance calls for warm wood textures that will add character and warmth to the bathroom area. With the combination of modern sanitary ware, natural materials will exquisitely create balance and add softer lines. Introduce baths and sinks made of stone for a unique look, alongside stone tiles at both floor and walls. With wooden taps, textured wallcoverings, and wooden elements you’ll get a fabulous relaxing bathroom ambiance. While you could introduce wood for almost any element in the bathroom, avoid having wooden floors due to a high moisture in the room. When you think about the best choice for modern and stylish bath tubs consider freestanding bathtub with a statement wooden plinth.

Darker colours rule the year
2017 is all about dark and moody colours. This is why you should consider introducing plenty of grey hues into your bathroom design. Use it properly to bring out the luxury and relaxation in your space, as you combine it with highly popular cement tiles, and other natural materials. Matte, nude and neutral colours are by far the biggest trends in colour palettes, and greys make the perfect fit. The combination of ash, green and blue is the trendy mixture you must include into the bathroom design.

With so many amazing trends in 2017, you won’t have an easy choice to make when it comes to remodelling the bathroom. However, no matter whether you opt for a shiny shimmery interior, or the one introducing a bit of Victorian and Edwardian period, or maybe those that combine natural wood, stone and cement with modern elements ‒ your bathroom will become a heaven on Earth you’ll love to spend time at.

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