Sunday, July 23, 2017

Budget Decorator: 7 No-Cost Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Children's Bedroom

Lana Hawkins is guest hosting today to share some ideas on how to Decorate your Children's Bedroom. These are some excellent ideas on how to make the perfect space for your little ones!


Designing a pleasant and stimulating environment for your children doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Creativity, improvisation and thinking outside the box will help you design a dreamy, stylish and inspiring bedroom for your kids where they can spend their days playing and learning. By combining different design elements, rediscovering old pieces and following your own creativity, your little ones will have their own stylish sanctuaries.

  1. A comfy reading nook

Parents have an important role in helping their children acquire the love for reading and develop their reading skills. A simple way to encourage your kids to read is designing a reading nook in their bedroom. All you need is an empty corner, a bookshelf and a comfy armchair or sofa. If possible, place the reading nook by the window so that your children have enough natural light while reading.
  1. A fresh coat of paint

You can bring a sense of novelty into your children’s room by repainting it in a new colour scheme. You can opt for a neutral backdrop and hues such as pale grey, dusty pink, beige and off-white to fill their bedroom with an atmosphere of serenity. Afterwards, you can use bright and lively colours for inspiring accent details that will add character to the room and break the monotony.
Keep in mind that an excessive use of a particular colour can have a negative effect on your children and their moods. For example, red is quite energetic and inspiring, but it’s shouldn’t be used too much in a bedroom because it can cause agitation, restlessness and even aggression. Thus, you should pick soothing colours to create a whimsical and dreamy atmosphere.

  1. An inspiring accent wall

Stylish accent walls have become a popular trend in interior design that has found its way into children’s rooms. With plenty of ideas and inspiration available online, you can create an inspiring accent wall in your kids’ room. You can paint a colourful wall mural, use wall decals, experiment with stripes and geometric patterns or simply paint a single wall in a different colour. Another great idea for the accent wall in a kids’ bedroom is chalkboard wall – your children can draw on the wall as much as they like without forcing you to repaint the room.
  1. Smart storage

Introducing plenty of storage to your children’s room will help you create a tidy and organised space. In addition, beautiful pieces like vintage dressers and shelves, wicker baskets and wooden chests will elevate the room’s décor. You don’t even have to buy new pieces, but give your old furniture a makeover, which is a budget-friendly solution.
To maximise the functionality of your children’s room, you can introduce hidden and smart storage solutions, like drawers under the bed and multifunctional furniture.

  1. Lighting for style and ambiance

Since your children’s room is for playing and learning, you should design it in a way that will be appropriate for both functions and lighting will help you achieve that. Lighting plays an important role in interior design because it can create an atmosphere of cosiness and openness, while simultaneously elevating a room’s décor. Lighting fixtures, such as lamps and pendant lights, can contribute to the room’s style while providing your children with enough clear and bright light.
  1. Art as decoration

Surrounding your children with art will help them develop their imagination and learn to appreciate art. With small art galleries embellishing children’s rooms, it seems that parent have already embraced this trend. As for works of art, you can display your children’s drawings, add paintings that match the style of the room or frame fabrics and transform them into interesting pictures. You and your kids can create your own work of art and proudly display it in their room.

  1. Fabrics for cosiness

Children spend a lot of their time in their rooms, so it’s important that they feel comfortable and cosy. And what comes to mind when you imagine a warm and cosy room? Soft blankets, plush pillows and plenty of covers. By using fabrics in your kids’ room, you’ll create an ambiance that exudes comfort, warmth and cosiness. In addition, since children love sitting on the floors, you should add a rug to keep them warm. You can find beautiful and stylish rugs online that will match the general style of the room. You should pick one that fits into the room’s colour scheme and don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns.

A children’s room is their sanctuary where they can play, learn, daydream and grow up. Therefore, it’s important that you design a stimulating environment for your little ones that will keep them inspired.

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