Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How to Care and Maintain Your Bamboo Flooring?

Lara Buck is here sharing some ideas on how to keep your Bamboo floors clean. Any momma knows that summer involves extra dirt from the family. Keeping things clean can be a challenge. Check out these great tips.

Bamboo is a natural flooring material which increases the aesthetic appeal of your home. These are pretty affordable and can be maintained easily. It is quite similar to hardwood floors. The hardness of the bamboo floors largely depends on the process that is employed for manufacturing it. However, after it has been installed, you need to take good care of the bamboo flooring to ensure durability and longevity.

# Tips to clean the Bamboo Floors
In order to prevent damage and minimise the time, here are some tips to clean bamboo floors
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Bamboo Flooring
  • You need to clean the floors once in a week. Even though there are other maintenance works that needs to be taken care of, cleaning the floors each week will help in keeping the floor in optimal condition. Apart from sweeping, you should lightly mop the floor. For this, you can use a small amount of water. Avoid non-alkaline cleaners and wax as it might affect the floor finish.  If you use water, wring the mop thoroughly prior to using it on the floor. If moisture seeps in between the planks then it might cause damage to the floors.

  • If you have to clean a spill that is sticky and glued, first use a dry cloth to remove it as much as you can. Thereafter, wipe off the remaining spill with the help of a damp cloth. Avoid scrubbing as it will push the material into the flooring surface. Blot the spot several times till the spill gets cleared off completely. After this, dry it with the help of a soft cloth for preventing further damage. The sooner you attend to the pills the lesser are the chances of damage.

# Maintenance of Bamboo Floors
Maintenance is the best way to take care of the bamboo floors. Cleaning the floors on a regular basis and taking precautions will prevent damage. It also helps in preserving the beauty of the floor.
  • You should sweep the bamboo flooring with a soft cloth once in a day. If possible, you should sweep it once in the morning and once in the night. If you spill something on the floor, you need to take care of it immediately. Dirt and dust on the floors will be pushed around as people will walk across the room. This, in turn, can lead to scratches. Over time, the scratches will give the floors an old and worn out look.
  • Even though bamboo floor is resistant to scratches and dents, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is impervious. If you wear stilettos and heels and walk on the floors then it will boost the process of wear and tear.

# Tips to Keep the Bamboo Floors Clean
Keeping the bamboo floor clean is not anything different from the other kinds of flooring options. However, there are some differences that are to be noted.
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Bamboo Flooring
  • Wooden floors tend to accumulate dust in a faster pace compared to other alternatives. To avoid the same, you should not wear shoes inside the house. You can keep mats at doorways and ask people to wipe their feet or take of their shoes before entering the house. You can wear slippers at home for protecting your feet. Make sure that you clean the mat and the shoes on a regular basis for preventing dust, pebbles, and dirt from being transferred.
  • Even though bamboo flooring is durable enough and is well-suited for high traffic areas, it is a good idea to use rugs in high traffic areas for avoiding wear and tear.

Avoid using any kind of commercial products for cleaning the bamboo floors. This is because it may cause damage to the floors. Also, do not use any abrasive materials like steel, wool or pot scrubbers.

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