Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Home Designer or An Architect ‒ Which to go for?

Diana Smith is one of my favorite guests on Happily Ever Rushed. here are some great ideas on the type of designer you should choose! Great article on the topic.

Are you about to start remodelling your home, but you have no idea which professional to hire to help you out with the major issues? If so, the dilemma can be quite big, since you can go for either an architect or a home designer. While you may already know about the two, it’s most likely you can’t really decide whether you need a help from the former or the latter. Therefore, make sure you are familiar with what the line of expertise is for designers and architects, so you can make the right choice.
Home designers
Interior designers do much more than just fashion a pretty place. They are professionally trained in space planning for homes, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, office spaces, and all other types of buildings. Once they consult with the client, home designers create drawings of designs providing both aesthetic and functional features of the interior. While sometimes all the client wants is for the designer to change the fabrics or paint in the desired space, other times it can go all the way to intensive remodelling that will include hiring a construction contractor as well. Interior designers should always be knowledgeable about the latest trends, so that they could fashion a modern and unique living space. Thanks to their strong spatial skills and a plethora of aesthetic design skills, they’ll give the space a perfect makeover.  

Architects are specialized in building designs. From houses, through hospitals, churches, hotels, to commuter stations, architects in Sydney can design all the constructions you might need. They draw up plans for the wanted design and provide you with the first capture of your future home, or other construction. Additionally, they are very familiar with the construction laws, specifications and codes that interior designers don’t tend to keep up with. An architect will also supervise as a construction firm starts with the work, since the designs they’ve provided incorporate safety, form and function of the future building. Thanks to the strong mathematical and logical thinking, you can be sure that the structure architects have designed will be stable and sound.

The difference between the two
After you’ve become familiar with the job description of an architect and a home designer, another question arises ‒ what is the difference, considering both professions in terms of beautifying and building of the space.  Namely, architects design the interior and exterior spaces while also taking care of the way spatial relationships are laid out within a building. Home designers, on the other hand, do their best to add an aesthetic value and transform an already built place into a more pleasant interior. Another difference is that a home designer costs less than an architect does, given the amount of education and expertise the latter owns. What’s more, the big difference between the two is schooling and licensing. An architect owns a higher education degree as well as professional license and practical experience. A home designer doesn’t have to be licensed if they want to do their job. Even though they can become certified, it is not a mandatory condition.

An architect or a home designer - that is the question. Going through all the previously mentioned facts, brings us down to only one conclusion ‒ it’s a matter of opinion. If you believe the remodelling of your home will involve construction works, by all means, hire an architect. However, if all your home needs is a decor makeover, then it’s clear that an interior designer will be perfectly suitable for the job. No matter which one you need, just make sure to hire professionals and ask for their portfolio before making the final choice.

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