Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Easy to Follow Tips for a Successful House Painting Job

Mary Mathis is guest hosting today and how to complete a successful painting job. I am not a painter by nature so having a helpful hint is always great.
A house painting job appears to be extremely fun when shown in the commercials. But, in reality, it is not all fun and frolic. Well, I do not deny that a house painting job can be fun, but if proper instructions are not kept in mind, you may end up with a poorly painted home and may suffer a loss while getting the whole house painting job re-done. Instead, you should be well aware of all the tips that are essential for any house painting job. You need to consider each of those as a guideline and follow each diligently. This will help you get a beautifully painted wall surface.
#1. Choosing the paint type
House Painting
Basically, there are two types of paint - water based latex and oil-based. You need to choose the paint according to the location of the wall. Latex paint can easily be cleaned with soap and water, and it dries quickly. On the other hand, oil-based paint is flexible and is less likely to crack and can last longer. Oil-based paints need mineral spirits to clean it up. But most people prefer oil-based alkyd paints as it is durable, stain-resistant, dries quickly, and flows smoothly. You should consider priming the surface to make the house painting job even more flawless.

#2. Read the label on the paint tub

Very few people bother to read the label on the paint tub before getting down the painting job. But there are many valuable tips of how to prep the wall surface and make it ideal for painting. Take enough time to read the paint label before the label gets completely smeared with paint. Also, for the new paint coating to adhere to the surface, it is necessary to clean the wall surface and remove any chalky residue and dirt. Unless the old paint is in a good condition, you should never paint over the old paint. It is always advisable to scrap off the old paint before starting to apply the new paint.

#3. Painting method

The first question when you start painting is whether you should use a brush or a roller for the house painting job. The effective method for this is to use a brush for narrow surfaces, borders, and to give finishing touches and a roller for wide and long even surfaces. You can use a long-handled roller to paint higher locations easily. While painting with a custom colour that you have made by mixing several paints, it is recommended that you mix several paint cans in a large tub to have a uniform shade everywhere. If you have to make the same shade twice, you may create a lighter or a darker shade due to improper paint proportions.

#4. Finishing instructions
House Painting
While applying the final coat of paint, avoid creating lap marks. In case you are painting in the outdoors, ensure that you paint under a shade as a sun-baked surface can make a fresh paint coat dirty. Start painting on the shady side of the house and wait for the sun to move on the other side of the house and keep painting following the shade. To reduce your after-paint work, you can use newspapers and tapes to cover all the other surfaces to avoid spilling paint on them. Always start painting from the higher surfaces. Painting job is best done when done from higher spaces to lower.

Easy home painting hack

Wrap a rubber band over the paint can and wipe off excess paint on the paintbrush over the rubber band instead of the can rims to avoid dripping and staining the can.

All these tips are easy and extremely helpful. These make your house painting job a lot simpler.


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