Sunday, August 27, 2017

How to find the right fit and the right car

                                   *this is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own*

   How do you decide what type of car is the right kind of car? The type of car you choose can make an actual difference to your day to day comfort. Is it just yourself? Is it for your family. Is it safe enough? These decisions can be overwhelming and maybe a little intimidating.

How do you figure out what is best for you. Your correct price point and payment per month. 
First you have to find a resource for the information. I found that was a great place to look.
What I found when looking at is that they give honest reviews of the cars. This to me is an important part because I like to read reviews from actual users. I want to know if a car is going to break down or perform poorly.  Research is one of the most important parts of your purchase, being an informed buyer is a smart buyer.

Make sure you aren't stuck on just one brand. Check out different dealers. Compare and contrast the same types of cars to check on the features. One dealer can have different prices or different finance options so don't get stuck with one dealer. Also different dealers can have drastically different inventory on their used cars. Make sure that you check out mileage on each car you are looking at, make sure you don't overpay for a used car that won't last long. Check out recalls, accidents and any information that is available. 

Don't rush into it, do your research first. Check multiple places, multiple dealers and go into your decision with knowledge. An informed buyer can get more bang for the buck. I believe that knowledge is also comfort. If you can walk onto any lot with the confidence to choose the right car plus the comfort of knowing what you are looking at, what you need and the best choice for you, then you are the best kind of car buyer.

In the end, you have to buy the right vehicle for you. A car is a commitment for at least 5 years unless you can buy for cash. There are so many cars out there and buying a car can be tricky and car dealers can be even more tricky. They will throw lots of information at you and it could seem overwhelmed. You are the buyer so take your time, rushing your purchase can leave you with buyers remorse. Go slow but go informed and get the most of out your money. Good Luck!

*this is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own*